Homily on homilies: Jesus and His priests – 7 January 2021 –

I forgot to mention here that speaking about the Sacred Mysteries, about Jesus, Christ our God, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, sometimes makes me choked up, as is the case with another priest I know. We priests are so unworthy to speak in witness of God’s Truth and Love, and Jesus is listening, appraising, judging… That just about kills me right there.


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2 responses to “Homily on homilies: Jesus and His priests – 7 January 2021 –

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Jesus chose Peter to be His first Vicar on Earth. He wanted to teach us that it is not the most perfect He wants, but the most loving, the most willing to confess his human faults, the most willing to get up and try again, the most humble. God bless you, Father

  2. sanfelipe007

    “Whether the priest himself said that or not…”

    This explains so much, Father! I am one of those faithful who approaches our Priest after Mass to thank him for saying “…….” and he almost always has a puzzled look in his eyes. You say that the Priest sometimes does not take up the Grace provided by the Church for preaching, but there is Grace, also, to be picked up by the faithful, provided by the Holy Spirit.

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