Blocked post on Capital Police. Grady Judd should head up the ops. Humor.

So, there we are. The other day I was going to publish on the logistics of Diplomatic Security, Diplomatic Security Services, Secret Service, Capital Police, Park Police, the National Guard and the great Third Regiment of the U.S. Army of these United States of America. But I was blocked.

No, really. Everything else on my computer worked with the internet. Other aspects of WordPress worked with the internet. I could publish other things. What I was going to publish about Law Enforcement in D.C. I manually copied over to a new edit window, got rid of the old post, only to find out that the new post was blocked from being published. C’mon man…

So, I’ll just let it go. What else can I do? I know! Humor! We all need some clean levity at this time.

I think the great Sheriff Grady Judd should head up the Capital Police. Yes!

P.S. Just as I’m about to publish this post, I just now notice that I’m no longer able to add tags and categories. Is this a kind of shadow-banning? Lots of even longtime readers come to the blog come by way categories of posts.

If I could, I would categorize this post under “Humor” and “Law enforcement” and then tag it with the agencies mentioned. But, nothing.

This smacking down of the blog will just about force me off the internet.

Ah well. Sigh. It is what it is. I do have another life. This blog was just another way to evangelize, also those, mind you, in government jobs, in law enforcement, in the military. Innumerable are the friendships I’ve been able to make in this way to the end that we have the most nuanced, straight-shooter, bold, forthright conversations about the faith ever. Were not our hearts burning within us? Jesus has always been in the midst.


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6 responses to “Blocked post on Capital Police. Grady Judd should head up the ops. Humor.

  1. sanfelipe007

    Yeah, Mother Angelica had to start an entirely new network to Evangelize. Who will start a new internetwork for the Truth, the Way, and the Life? G*d knows.

  2. nancyv

    “If you come here on vacation, you might leave here on probation”
    Keeping it real. Yep, the poor souls who think it was Trump supporter patriots who broke windows and did violence on January 6, probably couldn’t handle this guy.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Really great video. We need more like this sheriff. If you are getting censored by “big (shriveled souled)tech maybe you should try the new platform that begins with a “p” and gets mispronounced constantly.

    • Father George David Byers

      The trouble is that their servers are owned by big tech and they said they could be taken down by day’s end.

  4. sanfelipe007

    I don’t understand what the sherriff is sayin’, but I sure like the way he says it.

    If the POTUS can be banned and ignored, what chance do peons such as ourselves have? All we can do, is our poor imitation of our Savior. But that is a lot, and always takes a lifetime to get right.

  5. Dolores Kozlowski

    I guess our only recourse is to use the “P” word. Prayer.
    And call our Guardian angel to protect us.

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