Bait to shoot? Dems of the siege?

The last line of defense of the Vice President and those voting – an entire branch of government – included the agent who did the head-shot, who could not have been told to stand down, not by the President, not by anyone. He was like the guy with his finger on the nuclear button. No one is going to interfere with those guys. Can’t happen. He just did his job. It was absolutely known he would in fact do his job. And what gave him a target was staged, I’m guessing by the Dems, who are rushing for the 25th or an impeachment before it becomes known what they have done. What a cynical use of law enforcement protecting them. Law enforcement and non-violent Trump tourists were used like pawns. Too bad, that. We all know of what can only be called a purposed lack of personnel on 6 January 2021.

Trump was speaking in the morning and the assault on the Capital Building had already begun. He was going to present his case at 1:00 PM, but mayhem had already started. He never got the chance to march peacefully to the Capital Building so as to simply make a show of concern about the election. He never got the chance. Blame him? No.

I’d like to see the NSA, FBI and DARPA COMPASS barf up what they knew of logistics for 6 January 2021. Yes, I would. They knew pretty much everything, even visiting the perps before the day, telling them not to go, you know, being polite and nice. SMH.


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7 responses to “Bait to shoot? Dems of the siege?

  1. sanfelipe007

    Yes, as you say, not all is as it seems.

  2. Catherine

    We know and heard what truly happened. The good people of America were there and gave witness what transpired. The corrupt and traitorious politicians and main stream media tried to silence the good people and twisted the truth. Some patriots were killed for their country that day. Through God’s grace may the real truth be revealed and justice served. May God have mercy on us all.

  3. Super Anonymous

    The fusion center was well aware of that intel and most likely told to ignore or overlook it.

  4. meshugunah

    Please, anyone who was there, record what you saw and heard, on paper, NOW while the memories are fresh and put your record in the most secure place you can find. It will be 50 years or more before the truth emerges, long after most participants have passed and faced Judgement. Meanwhile, we keep on being the very best Catholics we can, by God’s grace….

    • Dolores Kozlowski

      Great advice, especially the ‘put your record in the most secure place you can find’ part.

      If you are old enough to recall, the info about the Kennedy assassination back in 1063, was to be held for security purposes for 75 years. (whose security I wonder)
      That means the world should get the truth revealed in 2038. Ha! Wanna bet? A majority of the Kennedy assassination witnesses (maybe all) met with untimely deaths.

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