Pope Francis calls on everyone to take COVID vaccine: it must be done…. Um….. No.


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7 responses to “Pope Francis calls on everyone to take COVID vaccine: it must be done…. Um….. No.

  1. Catherine

    Forgive me Jesus, but this is the man who threw the Chinese Christians to the wolves and worshipped idols on your altar at the Vatican and so much more. Am I to trust him? Is this the time that I must be as wise as serpents?

  2. pelerin

    This all so confusing. The Bishops Conference of England and Wales has stated:- ‘ Each of us has a duty to protect others from infection….. a vaccine is the most effective way to achieve this.’ The Queen aged 94 and her husband aged 99 received the vaccine yesterday to encourage others to receive it and as stated above the Pope will receive it next week. Is this going to divide the Church?

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Never under any circumstances will I take this vaccine! I am resigned to dying from this illness if it is God’s plan ( although, I must admit, I hope it isn’t).

  4. We’ve reached a point at which no one can really be trusted, and right now I don’t trust anyone enough to poke a needle in my arm without a much more serious justification than has been offered thus far.

    Remember my current maxim: “In the digital era, everything can be faked, and nothing can be believed.” I’ve doctored many a photo for fun and spent lots of time editing audio clips for my web site, so I know whereof I speak. I don’t happen to have the tools to fake video, but I have no doubt that even videos can be faked and manipulated easily by those with the right tools.

  5. pelerin

    I have been looking at parish newsletters online. One local parish has now closed the church with only online Masses although legally they are still allowed to open for public prayer.. Another only has two Masses on Sunday and one in the week. Interesting to see that another congratulates those parishioners who have received the vaccine.

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