Deleting Twitter account. Follow by email or WordPress

A good friend of mine, Father Gordon MacRae, has deleted his Twitter account before Twitter could delete his account. I’m going to do the same, just leaving this post up for a day or two for twitter followers to see it. Why wait to be put on a blacklist? As it is said, once you’re on the list…


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3 responses to “Deleting Twitter account. Follow by email or WordPress

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Bravo, Father

  2. Terry

    Good for you, Father! I believe social media is the devil. It puts people into an echo chamber. Folks have 1000 “friends” which consist of zero true relationships. It’s so easy to be ugly to people behind a keyboard with no ability to truly see the impact words have. If all else fails, you can just “unfriend” those who don’t think as you do whether they be friend or family. Have you watched the Social Dilemma: It’s an eye-opening documentary about how social media controls its users and is built to cause addiction. Former employees of social media companies will not let their children use any social media apps!

  3. I have deleted mine as well over a week ago.

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