Priests after Popes to be vaccinated?

So, both Pope Francis and (Pope) Benedict XVI have been vaccinated. In our fallen human nature it would be a huge temptation after compromising oneself to claim the moral high ground by insisting that one’s underlings are going to be just as compromised, forcing the matter by threatening priests that they will be taken out of active ministry or, much more likely these days, simply dismissed from the clerical state, you know, so that they are not liabilities to their respective (arch)dioceses or religious orders or institutes. Yep. I bet you an Ash Wednesday Liturgical Mask that this will come about unless there is an intervention of some kind. For myself, I think that there is Someone whose Sacrifice is more important than this B.S. See the picture above.

If you want to know why I’m so against the vaccine, take a gander at the following:

So, I would rather be dismissed from active ministry than to take this vaccine. I would rather be dismissed from the clerical state rather than to take this vaccine.


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3 responses to “Priests after Popes to be vaccinated?

  1. Tom Schott

    100% agreement. Whatever is sacrificed (sans vaccine) is nothing compared to the atrocities that contribute to the vaccine development.

  2. Catherine

    Pope has made the refusal of the vaccine even more difficult for all of us. This murdering is now sanctioned by the Catholic Church’s Pope. The pharmaceuticals will need more and more victims to keep up with supply and demand.
    Each person must decide and make a stand. I am sure satan is laughing and rubbing his hands together at the loss of souls. I pray for the Pope’s soul but also for all of us that we not weaken. I paraphrase what Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta said… that abortion may be the catalyst for the Atomic Bomb. Very sobering. Everyone keep close to Jesus, Mary and Joseph. God bless us all.

  3. This is a sword I will die on. Let us all resist the vaccine. At all costs, including the loss of being able to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Let us pray for priests who will resist along with us and minister to us in the catachombs.

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