I thought I was going to die – Capital Police Officer crushed. He’s great, but…

Very credible officer. And it is always the case that even a majority of any group in these USA are great people. Yes. And, yes, I’m still an ICPC law enforcement chaplain. Why wouldn’t I be? These are confusing times, in which we could move from “Defund the police!” to a Police State in the blink of an eye, which makes police chaplaincy all the more necessary, with the chaplain hopefully pushing for Natural Law, unalienable God-given rights, a Constitutional Republic with the Rule of Law consistent with the Constitution, with Natural Law, with unalienable God-given rights. There are duties which go with rights, right?

Having said that, demographically speaking, there are bad eggs who are able to work their way into, trick their way into, test their way right into any group, right through, say, any seminary vetting program, right through any sussing out of criminals by, say, FBI, CIA et alii induction courses.

Here’s the deal: I can’t get over the fact that there were some Capital Police who were joyfully ushering people onto the Capital campus. They had to know that someone was going to get shot, right? So, what’s the deal with all that?

This politically incorrect factoid was so incredibly obvious the second it happened that high level investigations were instantaneously begun. Great! Of course, investigations can be done just to say that you’ve done them and it’s all good. Investigations can be done by the very people who were in on it from the beginning. So…

… … … erase erase erase … … … GoDaddy, which assigns domains for WordPress, has jumped on the bandwagon of censorship, taking down entire sites without warning. So, I’m trying to walk the fine line of saying something without getting booted off the internet altogether. As it is, I’m seeing a big uptick in blog visits from Automattic, the WordPress platform provider. Are they enjoying the blog or checking out complaints that say I’m not politically correct?

If domain providers are into censorship, what’s next? Is some guy at the local utilities company going to attempt to cut you off the grid because he wants to censor free speech by shutting down your electricity that powers computers and charge phones? That’s not very effective, but this is where we are at methinks.


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4 responses to “I thought I was going to die – Capital Police Officer crushed. He’s great, but…

  1. Catherine

    I know what you mean. I have developed an untrusting nature these days. For example, maybe its normal but for a long while Microsoft was updating my entire laptop computer weekly, if not more. Really…that many updates? I notice a lot of people are going cryptic or breaking up the words, etc. Its a slower read but I understand that its needed. Keep your head down Father. No one is exempted these days. God bless you!

  2. nancyv

    hmmm…I kept waiting for him to thank his Guardian Angel.

  3. Joisy Goil

    A long time ago a friend of my grandfather showed me and grandpa his reloading equipment. He is long deceased, but I remember his amazing supply of tools, measurers and equipment. He was an artist of sorts. Grandpa said, ‘he’s making weapons, but we have a better one here’ as he drew his rosary from his pocket.
    The rosary is a spiritual weapon. Cool, huh?

    • Aussie Mum

      Yes, a spiritual weapon for a spiritual battle. That’s what we are in the middle of, a spiritual battle!
      Politicians don’t have the solution and the best weapons the world has to offer won’t win the day.
      Your grandpa was a very wise man, Joisy Goil.

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