Military, LifeSite, Trump on Capital Siege

Absolutely worth watching. What a time we live in? More on that in a future post. Stay tuned.


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4 responses to “Military, LifeSite, Trump on Capital Siege

  1. Catherine

    Thank you Father George for posting these videos. I and many many other people have been closely following President Trump since before he was elected in 2016. God seems to choose the least likely people to do His work. He chose Mr. Trump to be our champion in this fight against the dark forces of evil. Since around November 2017, an anonymous source began posting on the internet giving suggested reading and promptings of possible events that might transpire. You may have heard of the movement (it is called the 17th letter of the alphabet and I won’t say it here.) The research uncovered corruption, lawlessness in all areas of the world and society. People were unmasked and their evil ways unveiled. Corporate corruption was unmasked. Treasonous acts are staggering. A lot of very very dark and ugly stuff that you don’t want to really know about. A lot of people have been waking to the evil and corruption world wide through this movement. The movement also revealed that our leaders in all our countries, at all levels of government and organizations have sold out their people and their countries. They have planned to destroy our rights and freedoms for power and money. We realized that if Mr. Trump fails that it will be catastrophic to the rights and freedoms of people all over the world. We have been told by Mr. Biden what we can expect in his world if he is successful in the Dems coup. I watch and pray…praying a lot. God is hearing our cries of help. We have to trust in the Lord. Like you said Father…stay tuned. Lets hear those rosary beads rattle…


  2. Joisy Goil

    The rosary is the answer and our best weapon against the snares of the devil and his minions.

  3. nancyv

    That was a comforting/calming talk given by President Trump. At the end, when he said “we must focus on the good of the whole nation – delivering the miracle vacines…” I knew in my heart that he should have said, “delivering the miracle of every life” and realized no matter how comforting/calm we can pretend to be, as long as this nation promotes and allows murder in the womb, we are sunk.
    And yes, let us have Rosary in hand and pray!

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