Proof BLM Antifa = Jan 6 Siege. Capitalized by Dems. All staged. Treason. Sedition.

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One response to “Proof BLM Antifa = Jan 6 Siege. Capitalized by Dems. All staged. Treason. Sedition.

  1. Carroll

    I have to speak up. Regardless of who was in that crowd – and while there were probably agitators – clearly there were plenty of “Trumpers” who were bent on violence. Over 100 have been arrested with more to come. Unlike the BLM demonstrations in Atlanta last summer, the people being arrested are not mostly the outside agitators, but the organizers: “Trumpers.” There were many people with far right political leanings who participated and plenty of evidence for advance planning on their part for violence. People do not go armed to the Right to Life March every January. There was no violence at MLK’s March on Washington in the 60’s, or the 1,000,000 Man March in the 90’s, etc., etc. Tons of other groups have demonstrated at our nation’s capitol without violence. There is no excuse for damaging the Capitol. That is OUR building. There is no excuse for storming inside the Capitol building and rifling through and stealing papers from the desks of and other things from our elected officials (not just Pelosi’s). There is certainly NO excuse for hitting police over the head with fire extinguishers. Thousands of others have demonstrated at the Capitol without violence. A woman from Kennesaw, GA was trampled to death by the mob! Agitators did not do that. A man from Alpharetta, GA who participated, came home and committed suicide when he saw the results of what he and his compatriots had done. Do you think all of this is OK? In a recent interview, a woman who was there was asked what she thought would be gained by this. She said, “Four more years.” Did she and many others really think they could overthrow the government and intimidate Congress into changing the course of events? This is ignorance of our laws carried to a deadly conclusion. This is not the way we operate in the USA.

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