Abortifacient insurance forced on Catholic Priests and vowed Religious?

Bronze statue of “demon-god” Moloch, fired up to burn children, just like modern day abortions in these USA.

Biden wants to get rid of conscience protections and free exercise of religion exceptions to the Department of Health and Human Services abortifacient insurance mandate. Not only will groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor be obliged to provide coverage for contraception, abortifacient drugs, and sterilizations under their health care plans, but also celibate Catholic priests.

Imagine that. Say I don’t comply by forcing ecclesiastical superiors to remove me from their insurance provision which will very likely comply with the HHS mandate that was stripped of conscience protections. The response might perhaps be that I would then be judged to be a liability for them if I didn’t have insurance. They would encourage me to go get my own insurance if I could find one that wouldn’t sponsor immoral practices hahaha.

What are my options here?


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2 responses to “Abortifacient insurance forced on Catholic Priests and vowed Religious?

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    You could go along with the Moloch worshipers, or you could risk not having any protection in case you become ill. Reverend Jeramiah Wright is getting his demonic prayer answered. Seriously, in my old age I am considering moving to Hungary. They have written pro-life protection into their constitution. So many people who claim to be Catholic are really neo-pagans worshipping Moloch. Maybe that is belong to an ism and not a Faith. Praying for you, Father.

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