Between Confessions: Adoration in times of Covid

Our Eucharistic King. He is our Way, the Living Truth, our Life, without whom we’re not. And that’s the essential Truth of it.

Jesus is the One who is necessary, and He will not have us ripped away from Him. He will lead His little flock to heaven.


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4 responses to “Between Confessions: Adoration in times of Covid

  1. Aussie Mum

    Re “Jesus is the One who is necessary, and He will not have us ripped away from Him.”
    Father, that sentence of yours reminded me of Bl Elizabeth Canori-Mora’s vision of “apostates brazenly trying to rip her (Mary’s) most holy Son from her arms”, and brought to mind the discussion here last July about the “three days of darkness” expected by many Catholics as part of a future chastisement. A link to that article follows.
    At the time I wondered: “Might the 3 days of darkness be referring to a terrible spiritual darkness – a demonic disorientation – that envelopes mankind for 3 days during which many are killed. The blessed candle, in that case, would be the Light of Christ in the hearts and minds of people in a state of grace, clinging to and protected by Our Lord from succumbing to the demonic.” As you have stated above, “Jesus is the One who is necessary and He will not have us ripped away from Him”, but what might be the demonic disorientation? Is there such a thing?
    Perhaps the current political / ideological polarisation of society is an example of early signs of it. First the BLM riots and then the events earlier this month at the US Capitol at least suggest that the devil is ramping up his attacks on mankind, stirring confusion, hatred and revolution with the world’s superpower as his prime focus. Then today I read an article, “The Virus, Abortion, and the Ethic of Isolation” written by Monica Migliorino Miller at
    Miller speaks of “a false liberty that brings an end to human communion” (the bonds uniting persons certainly appear to be breaking down) and she notes that it is “Catholic ceremonies that create human communion”. Quoting Cardinal Sarah she writes: “Modern man wants to be radically independent” and finds it “humiliating to be dependent on God. He feels he owes nothing to anyone.”
    Is modern man’s present demand for radical autonomy the reason Our Lord asked, “when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith left on the earth?” (Luke 18:8) and why Father speaks of just a little flock – “His little flock” – what remains of the Church still united with its Head after the tug-of-war by brazen apostates to rip us away?
    In a little over 100 years the desire for a false liberty (radical autonomy) – to live independent of God – has taken hold of human hearts on a scale unprecedented in Christian Times, bringing communist revolution, world war, abortion and family disintegration, and propelling mankind into Post-Christian Times: a terrifying term if ever there was one.
    We can’t survive without Christ! No wonder Our Lady and the Archangel Michael came to us early last century at Fatima when the present ideological /political crisis was heating up since St Michael is the antithesis of the devil, author and instigator of radical autonomy; and Our Lady is Mother of Jesus Christ and therefore of the Church contained (incorporated) in Him at Baptism.
    Hence, it seems that Bl Elizabeth Canori-Mora’s vision of Our Lord being ripped from His Mother’s arms by brazen apostates is portraying what Father is when he writes of the present attempt to rip us, Our Lord’s members, away from Him. Who are the brazen apostates? Father Hardon defines apostasy thus: “The total rejection by a baptized person of the Christian faith he once professed.”
    So apostates would be Catholics and other Christians incorporated into Christ at Baptism but who no longer, if they ever did, appreciate that privilege and desire complete independence from Him; that is, total severance from their God and Saviour. Such ingratitude and stupidity could certainly be described as brazen.
    Once again, my apologies for the length of this comment. I wish I could be concise rather than wordy but such is beyond my tired brain’s ability.

  2. Aussie Mum

    Thank you Father. Your kind reply has brightened my day spent here in isolation.

  3. sanfelipe007

    Great comment, Aussie Mum. Thank you for including the links.

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