Refusing Communion during Covid. Don’t think Jesus doesn’t notice.

Heartbreaking. Infuriating. The above video taken during the first summer of hell is of a little girl being denied reception in Holy Communion of Jesus, our Eucharistic King, you know, because she wants to receive in the traditional manner as mandated also in times of Covid by the Holy See. This denial was most distressing then, is now, and always will be for this little girl. She will remember this monstrous incident the rest of her life. I mean, I thought white-hair-guy was going to punch her to the ground rushing up like he did with his power-emotions in overdrive. Just. Wow.

The assistant priest was trying to explain his unfortunately compromised position (that he let himself be in), nice guy that he was. That wasn’t to be done either. The white-hair-guy shoves him out of the way, even while he is holding our Eucharistic Jesus – and takes over defense of the front lines in the war of power over the little girl. The assistant priest walks away depressed, looking like he wants to be in a parish on his own far away from the white-hair-guy.

To any non-believing clergy out there… Just. Don’t. Do. This. The purpose of Holy Communion is not to rip out the hearts and souls of everyone in that church. Jesus sees this. He’s the one who talked about millstones.

In my own parish, Holy Redeemer in Andrews, NC, our Eucharistic Lord is distributed according to Church law, not some anti-Catholic diocesan policy which in this great diocese does not exist anyway. This parish enjoys the protection of universal Church law. This diocese does not operate ultra vires. We just do things the way we’re supposed to, regardless of any Covid. This is widely appreciated. There are those who come here, bypassing a myriad of parishes on their way, crossing through (arch)dioceses and state lines. Yep. People are sick of getting kicked in the face, continuously, constantly.


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2 responses to “Refusing Communion during Covid. Don’t think Jesus doesn’t notice.

  1. George Webster

    Thank you, Father, for all that you do to defend the faith. I wish I lived closer to your parish.

  2. Stephen Round

    I concur with the above comment.Watched many times the video.Provokes such ANGER.Whitehair should be dealt with by cooler heads than mine.Where I to say more I think Jesus would not be pleased.Thanks for sharing Fr.George.

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