Update: American Flag attacks in Andrews NC. Is Patriotism Catholic?

/// UPDATE: So after weeks of having gone missing, the American Flag is back up, coincidentally just hours after my having put up this post. :-) ///

Someone has been removing the American Flags from the town properties. I noticed many times the empty flagpole pictured above after 6 January 2021 and before the inauguration on 20 January 2021. I was waiting for it to be replaced. No one would take down the flag to destroy it in this town, surely.

I have some history with the particular flag that was here. My neighbor purchased it himself because the town had just let the other one rot away. The town flag that rotted out was a 3’x5′ flag. My neighbor replaced it with a 8’x12′ high quality outdoor heavily stitched flag. I helped him hoist this one up a while back, and then later, on one of patriotic days on the calendar, I had brought it down to half mast in the morning and put her up once again at 12:00 Noon, as required to honor our fallen veterans. This flag, topping up the highest point in town, the town’s memorial to our fallen veterans, had a special significance since it was very much emphasizing our local fallen veterans.

In the past this blog has sported many posts on the American Flag. This post has consistently been visited ever since going up some years ago:


That happened just over the mountain from Andrews, up in Graham County.

Back to the town flags. The large flag mentioned up top of this post disappeared. But there’s another American flag in another town park, next to train tracks, down from the gazebo. It was quite a bit smaller. It taken down and simply tossed over some bushes. It’s been put back up by patriots. But the trashing of this flag may indicate that the larger flag was kept for desecration in an upcoming protest.

There are a number of other town flags, down by the highway, next to a largely abandoned strip mall, etc. We’ll see what happens to those. So far, no one has stolen the flags on my street. There are plenty. And there are many others round about, also with flag poles put up at quite an expense to the owners.

Those who have flags displayed around the town year round all have stories, mostly Army, including 82nd and 101st Airborne and others, including Navy, the USMC, Airforce… the usual, though no Space Force, yet. There are almost uncountable guys and gals retired out of careers on some kind of Intel, either military intel or other agencies and institutes, not to mention contractors galore. I couldn’t point to any who are not very much involved in service of the local community in a myriad ways, such as being at the top of their game as EMTs, such as risking their lives as firemen.

Apparently we are now back to the Dem days of past administrations when all veterans, all police, all active duty military and National Guardsmen were suspected to be… terrorists. Stunning. But now it’s worse.

This country does have its problems. We have a fallen human nature that people will follow up on. Of course there are going to be problems. But this is the fatherland we have, the patria, whence we have the virtue of patriotism, giving due honor to one’s country. This is not some sort of bad and evil and malicious nationalism of the sort which plays identity politics. No. This is the nationalism of a family. We help each other strive for excellence, for what is best for everyone while never letting go of what is good for the individual: not the mob-rule of the wildly fake “democracy” of dictator Dems, but the good of a Constitutional Republic with the Rule of Law (which is to be the same for everyone equally), which recognizes unalienable God-given rights, and three diverse branches of government.

Why, you might ask, do I make such a big deal of the flag and patriotism? Because if the Constitution is destroyed, if the Rule of Law becomes a merely a jackbooted power play, the very first right to be smashed into the pavement will be the free exercise of religion.

Why, you might ask, do I care? After all, as a priest I should know of the superabundance of martyrs throughout the centuries and today and that I cannot expect that we should somehow be exempt where we happen to live. Indeed. Jesus said: “As the Master so the disciple.”

My heart is ready, O God, my heart is ready.

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One response to “Update: American Flag attacks in Andrews NC. Is Patriotism Catholic?

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Welcome back 1917! Welcome Moloch worshippers disguised as Catholics. We have behaved as heedless fools allowing the evil one full sway. Soon it will not only be the flag, everything about our way of life that will be devoured. May the Good God have mercy on our souls

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