Too Tall Trees and Green New Deal. Excommunicating Joe Biden

The tree above was to be seen just behind the backyard of the rectory. This too tall tree was threatening many homes and many lives. It had to go. It was barely alive anyway. In some of the more marxist regions of these USA to cut down such a tree would be an offence that could send you to prison. People don’t matter.

It seems to me that the Green New Deal crowd have been staring at the trees of this world with the dumbed-down-vision epistemologically appropriate to the those who have eaten from the Tree-of-Knowing-Good-Dumbed-Down-by-Evil (to provide a better translation of that phrase in Genesis).

The Green New Deal purveyors cannot possibly hold human lives to be in need of protection over against an aging tree ready to crash down and crush their homes. Dems’ GND: It’s the human lives who are the enemies of the State, the enemies of the Green New Deal, you know, just because those human lives are now living. Yep.

Actually, what the Green New Deal comes down to is forcing abortion of human lives. If you’ve been following the interventions of Dem administrations at the United Nations over these last few decades you’ll know what I mean. I have many stories to tell, one in particular though, about Mr Environmentalist himself, Albert Arnold Gore Jr., outside FAO in Rome. Even tough ol’ Al acted out his over-compensation in front of my “spies”, among whom papabile are numbered. :-)

No matter what the “policy” [one letter diverse from “police”] the Dems inserted “language” about reducing populations whom the dark powers want eliminated, you know, all those Catholics, all those black and brown lives. Yep. “Is this a statement on agriculture and food supply? Make sure there is no population that needs food and it will all be good.” Always something like that, from a thousand different directions. These Dems feed on the demonic power of murdering the helpless in the womb. They are puppets for the demonic lion raging about looking for whom he can devour.

Check out the elimination of the Mexico City Policy by anti-Catholic pro-Green-New-Deal Joey Biden just now: “Let’s force abortion on all black and brown lives!”

Why is Joey Biden not excommunicated? “No, no! Not that! Give Joe Biden Holy Communion!” the anti-Catholic Archbishop of Washington D.C. screams at his priests.

Meanwhile… meanwhile… This priest is enthusiastically looking forward to the persecution to come. I only pray I am worthy to suffer for the honor of Jesus’ Holy Name:

  • The Apostles were “rejoicing that they had been found worthy to suffer dishonor for the sake of the Name”(Acts 5:41).

Remember, excommunication is the discipline used with truly fatherly church governance to medicinally bring back to the fold those who have by their own choice taken themselves out of communion with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.


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2 responses to “Too Tall Trees and Green New Deal. Excommunicating Joe Biden

  1. sanfelipe007


  2. For China Joe and his GND buddies, China is the epitome of good government.

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