“Wuhan Virus” reference outlawed by China-Joe POTUS

Upon the executive order of China-Joe POTUS – “that vixen” (Luke 13:32) – all Federal documents are being scrubbed of any reference to “China Virus” or “Wuhan Virus”, and no Federal employee will be allowed to speak such words since they are racist words, he says, spoken only by xenophobes who are intolerant.

I recall Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s words on being tolerant. Those promoting absolute tolerance only of their own views, such as demanding the promotion and protection of the most blood thirsty of the Chinese Communist Party, congratulate themselves as being broadminded. But the Venerable Sheen quipped that those who are so broadminded are themselves flat-headed. He’s on his way to being canonized. Those who agree with him are on their way to being martyred.

Just to be nice, let’s call it the Chinese Communist Party Virus, or CCP Virus for short. That exonerates 99.999999999% of the great Chinese people suffering the murderous oppression of the CCP and places the responsibility on just a few people of a political party promoted and protected by Vixen-Joe.

Does the Biden family have any connection to the CCP? Just wondering. Just a question.

Anyway, I doubt that my limited reference to the CCP Virus will stop me from getting arrested by the Feds should I travel through the Federal Forests everywhere in my church-parish territories here in WNC and then make brave, while doing so, to mention the CCP Virus, like, out loud and everything, as the Wuhan Virus, or the China Virus. Indeed, I might just be accused of the same even if I didn’t do that. Same difference, right? Accusation is guilt. One is guilty until one proves oneself to be innocent (which can’t be done with such people, you know, the likes of a Pontius Pilate and his Kangaroo court).

The coddling cuddling of American politicians turned Chinese spies and operatives speaks to the brutal suppression of the American Constitution and the Rule of Law.

If any Federal agent, operative, worker can be fined and jailed for hate crimes such as saying “Wuhan Virus” or “China Virus”, then, by analogy, by precedent, so can any citizen otherwise in good standing in these USA be fined and imprisoned as well.

Why should a priest be worried about such merely political things? Because they are not merely political.

When free speech is attacked, all rights are attacked, including the free exercise of religion. It all happens very quickly.


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2 responses to ““Wuhan Virus” reference outlawed by China-Joe POTUS

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Joey proves, once again, that no one, especially the totally dishonest, shoots himself in the pocket book. The “Big Guy” is just protecting his assets.

  2. Then Spanish Flu and German measles should also be erased. We are a woke culture!

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