For a friend of a friend

Can’t really remember, but that may be the first time I ever gave financially to any appeal, but this was a good friend’s good friend’s kid. There are other ways to give. Prayer is HUGE. Did that too. Usually I promote high service little to no overhead absolutely to be trusted organizations. But this little guy needs help.

Update… See comments. Here’s a screen…


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4 responses to “For a friend of a friend

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Father, please keep us posted. Prayers for the entire family until…

  2. James Anderson

    Carol & I just got over Covid-19. Glad to help Dallas and his family.

  3. Paul Maliborski

    Its amazing what a prayer and request to Jesus’s mother can do. This morning Dr. Chris Woods contacted me and asked for prayers. I have never requested anything from Mary. I pray to her often and asked this morning, that she pass my message on to Jesus. This child was out of surgery this early 1 AM. and with both parents by his side , praying for help.

    I just received a call from Chris after many prayers that Dallas just squeezed his mother’s hand.

    Thank you Jesus
    Thank you Mary

  4. Paul Maliborski

    Dallas is living proof that prayers work.
    He is in stable condition today and the Neurologist just explained the results of the MRI. Injury to the left and right side of the brain where the lobes connect. There is also another injury at the base which controls your gag reflex and eye and arm/leg movement. During this mornings exam , Dallas was able to move both his arms and legs and kicked them with some strength. Overall the results of the many prayers show that Jesus is alive and Loves us so Very Much.

    Thank You Jesus,

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