Adoration of the King 6:00 AM unto eternity

I love my tiny parish. I love being with them before Jesus. You’ll notice we’re still a bit Christmasy until the end of 2 February.


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3 responses to “Adoration of the King 6:00 AM unto eternity

  1. Joisy Goil

    We were supposed to have Adoration today but the snowstorm put the kibosh to that. {sigh} I checked out virtual adoration – but it’s not quite the same. Too many distractions at home.
    Wishing you, Father and your parishioners a safe, warm and healthy week.
    We’ve been warned by our power company and our County Executive that there may be outages. That was concerning because I have never got a phone call from the power company before, so if you hear what sounds like castanets it will just be your northern friends’ teeth chattering.

  2. Mary B

    Thank you for the still Christmasy pic of your Adoration of Jesus– it looks welcoming and wonder-full! I’m glad you keep it that way ’til Feb 2!

    May all in the path of the snow storm be kept safe and warm, and have the helps they need…

  3. sanfelipe007

    HAHA! Thank you for the belly laugh, Joisy Goil.

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