AstraZeneca vaccine cannibalism: “Surely it is our duty?” My turn to rant.

From a message received: “A British Health Expert [an official position?!] has said that life will never return to normal [the normal obeisance to the demonic prince of this world?!] until the whole world is vaccinated. Surely it is our duty to others to accept it? [A mortal sin is never our duty. It is our duty to avoid mortal sin.] I am being done on Wednesday” [3 February 2021]. [Since you brought your intentions to me, a priest, I will give you an admonishment: Don’t do it. Just cancel. AstraZeneca is cannibalism.]

The AstraZeneca/Oxford “vaccine” for Covid-19 heavily uses aborted foetus cells in the development, from the very start. The bishops of England and Wales, as a group, said Catholics are good to go in receiving vaccines derived aborted foetuses. I recall another time all of the bishops backed up King Henry VIII, the murderous persecutor of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, all bishops except one, who is a canonized Saint, made a Cardinal in the very Tower whilst he lived, the Most Reverend John Fisher, friend of Saint Thomas More.

Cannibalism is never a valid moral choice. If one doesn’t care that human beings were shredded and ripped apart with procured abortion and is happy to use their deaths for one’s own mere health, well, that person will surely be happy with the specious moral theory that says that as long as one can distance oneself from the murder so that one doesn’t lose human respect coming from self or others, then one is good to go.

  • “Oh look! Father George is squeamish about used murdered children, but we think it’s great, and unlike Father George, we honor these murdered children by profiting off of them for our benefit. Just because they were also used for medical experimentation doesn’t make it not good to go. We have distance!”

Analogy: Say there are lots of sheep who die from the weather as time goes on, and a farmer grinds them up and feeds them to the cows, so much so that the only thing those cows have eaten are ground-up sheep, and then you submit yourself to eat the cows. You’re not eating sheep, just cows. That’s true. But you are willingly eating that which was there for you to profit from only because those sheep had been killed. In the analogy, the murdered human children are the sheep, the health experts are the farmer, and you are the cows. You exclaim with glee that the farmer is clever, calming your hunger and keeping you alive another day.

Moreover, in the bigger picture, health experts want to use aborted children for vaccines so that people will compromise their consciences, break the commandments, and become willing puppets for anything that the rich string-pullers want.

Also, there are moral alternatives: Ivermectin. Hydroxycloroquine. On and on. They are hyper-available and cheap and effective and have been tested for decades and decades. No one can say one is coerced into taking AstraZeneca. It’s your own choice.

Sorry to be blunt, but this is like going up to a pregnant woman on the street with a chainsaw, cutting her open, and eating what’s there. How is this different? What the hell are you doing with your life? Going to hell? Is that how you want to go before Jesus, with a ripped-to-death baby in your fangs, dripping with blood, and saying that this was your duty to others, remembering that Jesus was in the womb for nine months? Explain that the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God, you know, with a chain saw in your hand. Hell…

It’s never a duty to commit mortal sin. Put it this way: even if you know you are going to die, along with everyone else, unless you become a cannibal, then what you do is not be cannibal, you go ahead and die, then you go before Jesus, and you then go to heaven. Same for everyone else. Why do people want a few more moments in this life anyway? I want to go to heaven.

Also, this is so absurd: (1) get the vaccine; (2) walk out and accidentally get hit by a bus, dying on the spot, just when one was so proud of rationalizing the murder of little kids. Now what, as all of hell is gaping open before you? You said that you are “being done on Wednesday” [3 February 2021]. Yep, that would be right. You’ll be done. But you do it to yourself. – Just – don’t – do – it –

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One response to “AstraZeneca vaccine cannibalism: “Surely it is our duty?” My turn to rant.

  1. sanfelipe007

    ” In the analogy, the murdered human children are the sheep, the health experts are the farmer, and you are the cows. ”

    Yes, we are the cows. The sleight of hand committed, is tricking the victim into thinking the vaccine is the cow.

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