Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (barely berries, edition)

On the Day Off the other day I stopped to see some friends but first, as is my custom, tried to spy out some flowers for the Immaculate Conception as there are always some flowers, somewhere, somehow. Pretty scarce in the first two weeks of February. Well, there were some berries to be seen, so I got a shot of those. This is the kind of thing I would grab up for a bouquet for mom, that would also include such as Cat-Tails, Pussy-Willows, Milk-Weed pods, Northern Red Oak twigs with acorns…

Getting flowers for the Immaculate Conception, you know, to make a bouquet while walking about in God’s good, innocent creation, and putting those in a vase and putting that in front of whatever imagery depicting Jesus’ good mom at church, and then saying a prayer, or two, or three, is good for the soul on so many levels.

Don’t you like how that works? Jesus makes it possible for us to give “flowers” to His good mom. And we thank Jesus for that. And that has her rejoice, especially that prayer, or two or three.

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  1. nancyv

    There is a time for everything under the sun (Eccl) I do declare, you should have seen the most gorgeous holly tree, loaded with berries, in my yard 3 days ago and then in swooped the robins and picked it clean. Not a single. berry. left. ha.

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