Awarded by the U.S. Census Bureau (disingenuous baiting)

Hmmm… thought I. Very expensive folder. What could be inside?

That’s all a calculated lie, of course. Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Andrews, NC had nothing to do with the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s a paradigmatic shift from what actually happened. I’m the pastor of this church, but I did not involve this 501(c)3 with the Census Bureau in any way. I myself talked with the Census Bureau’s representative who is beholden to the Census Bureau’s Regional Office in Atlanta. She proclaimed that I was very first contact who would be ever so important in gathering information on the Latino community. I didn’t cooperate. I was sent numerous invites to regional conferences indoctrinating valued partners. I never went.

In fact, the very second I met this lady I asked her if she was degreed out in gaming theory (one country gaming another into non-viability). Yes, she was. She had a doctorate in the matter, you know, from a Jesuit university up in WV. I immediately asked if she had therefore been employed among the U.S. Army’s terrorist intelligence mathematical engineers for the DARPA COMPASS program. Yes, she was. That would only make sense. Being employed also by the Census Bureau would mean that stats were her forte. That’s what DARPA COMPASS does in their effort to do up extra-judicial killings also of American Citizens in what they call a gray-war, you know, to make it all better.

I then asked her about gerrymandering political districts. She demurred. I asked about purposed engineering of answers so as to anonymize individuals but entirely compromise any promise not to gerrymander political districts so as to sway elections. She super demurred.

I didn’t cooperate with her repeated visits, telephone calls, emails.

But perhaps I’m wrong about this award. Maybe it’s a gesture of peace after what happened a short time after I myself sent in my correctly filled out Census card on time. Three thugs from the U.S. Census Bureau Regional Office in Atlanta flooded my phone with messages about a question they had about an answer on my Census card. I had correctly stated that I was the only one living here, ever. They mocked all Catholic priests and the entire Catholic Church by saying (and repeating multiple times) that since this was a Catholic rectory, therefore it must be that I am keeping women and children here. Just. Wow. What does that mean? Human trafficking? Illegal immigration? Prostitution? Abuse? Just. Wow. You know, precisely and only because it is Catholic. All these thugs and buffoons should go to prison. What they are doing is felonious.

And don’t get me started on the American Community Survey which this year is heavily pushing gender theory, identity politics, same sex marriage, promiscuity, and, it seems to me, much worse.

This crowd couldn’t care less about religion or sexual perversion or inversions or whatever. No. What is so hotly desired is that consciences be compromised. Once you rip out the conscience of an individual, you own their soul. They will be compliant with whatever agenda no matter how anti-religious, no matter how anti-American.

They send an award for my cooperation. Did I cooperate? Actually, I did. I dare say I went along with the program more than anyone else by explaining my disgust. They also appreciate that very much. They dismiss my viewpoints, thinking they will win conscience and soul in the end. What they don’t realize, however much they congratulate themselves for having gone to Jesuit universities, is that Jesus will win in the end. No one will rip the faith out of His little flock. And He, Jesus, will come to judge the living and the dead and world by fire. Yes, He will. And not even these thugs and buffoons who think they are so powerful will be able to avoid that judgment. I hope they go along with the grace Jesus does provide them to repent and be forgiven and be saved. Amen.

P.S. Oh, I forgot! They are surely judging how many people live in this rectory by way of tracking credit cards and seeing the huge amount of food I buy. Pfft! I do that on my own personal credit card, buying groceries for the elderly Covid-19 comorbidity crowd. Does the Census Bureau hate me and all religion for acts of charity? Pfft. These guys and gals in the Census Bureau are more monstrous than I thought.


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2 responses to “Awarded by the U.S. Census Bureau (disingenuous baiting)

  1. Liz F

    Good grief, Father, what horrible harassment! I can’t even imagine. Prayers for you and your parish. God bless and keep you always.

  2. Joisy Goil

    This is one of those situations that would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

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