Catholic Priest Unloads on Pro-Abortion Catholics


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13 responses to “Catholic Priest Unloads on Pro-Abortion Catholics

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! God bless this brave priest. He is a true shepherd to his flock. This reminded me of the sermons of my youth. There were no holds barred. Truth was shouted out. May God send us more priests and bishops exactly like this. Thank you a thousand times, Father.

  2. God is raising warriors/shepherds. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

  3. nancyv

    I’m going to “get off the bus”. I don’t want to contribute to the confusion of “how did we get here?” Thanks for this kick that I needed.

  4. Stephen Round

    With this Priest I concur.I am Canadian.Our PM just like Biden.It needs to stop and sadly by any means neccessary.Folk need to get off that Bus just like the Priest did.Biden strikes me as Satanic mask and all and the Canadian wimp no better.I am 75 but in my younger days never was shy of a good scrap.Today I carry a cane and an aim.If one finds themselves for abortion do the honourable thing do not claim to be Catholic.Repent publicly or get the Hell out.

  5. Chris Munier

    I think what I appreciate about this is that we now see more of the jovial/sanguine priests getting fired up about this problem as well. Previously, you would only hear this zeal from an FSSP priest or a choleric fellow like Fr. Altman. Now, since Altman trailblazed this, the clergy are beginning to rediscover some long-lost courage. This is a good trend.

  6. sanfelipe007

    I pray for all good and faithful Priests.

  7. Thank you for posting this true Catholic Shepherd. Very powerful…he cuts to the soul..

  8. James Anderson

    Very powerful. We must pray that his Bishop does not silence him.

  9. Marietta K Langevin

    It is about time our Catholic leaders speak up about pro-life and quit being afraid of loosing donations to the church. I thank God Father Billy was inspired to share his experiences. Wake up Catholic leaders, support this priest and “get off the bus”.

  10. Reneé

    I pray that our GOD raises up strong warriors such as this priest; but not ONLY priests; raises up nuns, deacons, etc., as well as millions of lay people!

  11. Vic and Clara Weil

    In 2000 we went to Germany and while there we toured Dachau. We can relatete to what this priest is talking about. We agree that our Bishops are too meek. We were so sad that Biden was elected.

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