Vatican terminating vaccine refuseniks

THE SITUATION: If an employee of Vatican City refuses to be “vaccinated” against Covid-19 without provable health reasons for that refusal, penalties might well include “the interruption of the work relationship.” In other words, they might well be terminated. To be consistent, Pope Francis would have to have “vaccination” imposed on bishops and priests throughout the world, and if they refuse, they should to be dismissed from the clerical state, that is, terminated. After all, it’s too easy to harass the laity. So, clergy should be the first to be sent into the darkest of existential peripheries.

Yours truly is one priest who will not be “vaccinated”. There’s no way anyone can force me to do this. Over my dead body. This is a moral issue, but one which is based on one’s knowledge about the “science” involved, on one’s knowledge about the assassinations of human beings in utero for the convenience of someone else. Or didn’t you know that these “medical devices” as they are more properly called were started from or tested on aborted human beings?


Go ahead, Pope Francis! Show your worst! I would rather go to heaven than submit to your bullying.

You say, “It’s better for one person to die than that a whole nation perish.”

Jesus says, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world only to lose or forfeit his soul?”

You say, “It’s better for one person to die than that a whole nation perish.”

But Jesus is the Head of the Body of Christ and the little ones in the womb are also the members of the Body of Christ, and Jesus says, “What you done to the least of these you have done to me.”

And, in solidarity, I am that aborted baby, Pope Francis. That’s how I am your Missionary of Mercy.

Herod wanted all the children to die in Bethlehem because that would give him a feeling of power. What are you doing, Pope Francis? Are you distancing yourself from those human beings that were aborted for your convenience. “It happened before today!” You won’t be able to avoid them at the Judgment. They will be there to accuse you of their murder. All of eternity will be right in front of you. Are you saying that you would run up to Mary with a machete and have Jesus ripped out of her womb for development or testing of a “vaccine” for your convenience?

Oh, I forgot, you got the vaccine already, so, I guess we know the answer to that question.

This world is no longer our home. We are in exile here. We must look to the things of heaven, true love of God AND love of neighbor, also the little ones in the womb.

All you really going to countenance that people working in Vatican City will be terminated because they want to follow their informed conscience and NOT get the “vaccine”? Why don’t you do it right? Start with the clergy. Start with me. Go ahead and forcibly dismiss me from the clerical state against my will. Be the Promethean self-absorbed neo-Pelagian! It will be a badge of honor that I will be happy to wear to the gates of heaven, you know, out of respect for the little ones of Jesus’ little flock.

And I will still be a priest forever.

I will not compromise. I love Jesus and His little flock.

Hier stehe ich. Ich kann nicht anders. Gott helfe mir. Amen.


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6 responses to “Vatican terminating vaccine refuseniks

  1. sanfelipe007

    I’ll take Ivermectin instead.

  2. Well said, George. Although it’s a sign of how far things have gone that Luther provides the appropriate words.

  3. Tom Schott

    I’m with Fr George, I’d rather die first. I’ll paraphrase what I just read this morning in my Lenten reflection: “Compare what we do to ‘save’ this life, versus what we do to save eternal life.”

  4. Joisy Goil

    Everyone is going to die someday! Earthly life is temporary! Everyone acts like corona virus escorted death into our world.
    Maybe they should read Genesis. I believe we should all be prudent and not take chances but things are getting out of hand.

    Maybe someone should remind our Pope that he is supposed to guide the church, not meddle in world politics, or global warming (the idea of which is being challenged lately) or immigration or gay rights.

    We can go to lots of places to hear about social issues, community action and so on and so on. Church is the only place that brings us God and the Eucharist.

    Keep up the good work Fr. George.

  5. Mary Ann

    Bullying is the way, that politicians around the world and others, are going to use, to try and get people to take these so-called vaccines.

  6. Mary Ann

    There were large protests, across Australia yesterday, against the proposed so-called vaccines for Coronavirus.
    I say so-called because, they are not really vaccines. They are experimental drugs that can change your genetic code, with all kinds of consequences, that you won’t be happy with. Some of them are very serious indeed, including infertility and death.
    They are all morally tainted in varying degrees, with connections to abortion, which are even more disturbing to me, than the health consequences.
    I was heartened to see these protests. I was unaware, that I was on the same team, as so many other Australians.
    The protests took part in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, which are capital cities of Australian states. I am not sure if Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, had a protest.
    I think that many more Australians, would have joined in the protests, except for a few reasons, such as distance to the capital cities, and not even knowing that these protests, were going to take place.
    Despite being on the internet, more than some other people, I never saw anything about the plans to hold these protests, and I wonder where these people learnt about it.
    Some leading politicians dismissed it all, as so much rubbish.
    These people are so out of touch with reality, and don’t really care, what the Australian people think of this issue.
    They’re going to roll out this stuff tomorrow morning. People fear that this will become mandatory, and there is already evidence, that in some cases, it’s going to be that.

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