Pope on transgenders – a word on atheists

Let’s just use some commonsense here: There are exactly zero transgenders in the world. One cannot change male to female or vice versa regardless of how much cutting and pasting one does. In fact, that is precisely why such “transition” is faked, because it is such an obvious insult to the Creator and there are those who want to do just that. Period. People are not being humble when they “come out” with some sort of proclamation about their “identity” – as if sexual weirdness is any kind of identity – they are being terribly arrogant. And the Pope is right about the sanctification of transgenders: it can’t happen. And the reason is that there are none. They are just those who insult themselves, others and God. The “trans” bit never takes place. Those actual people can be sanctified should they want to stop insisting in their mockery of God and neighbor. Sure! Great! Jesus is good and kind, always.

The same goes for those who fake being atheists. It is so very much contrary to reason that they live a lie. And they become good at lying, rationalizing. It can turn into a kind of sociopathy. Yes. Jesus is God, and we are so united to Jesus that Saint Paul says that Jesus is the Head of the Body of Christ and we are the members of the Body of Christ.

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