Cardinal Sarah gone

I bet that means he wouldn’t shut down all Masses in the world and/or wouldn’t get the Covid “vaccine.” Good for you, dear Cardinal Sarah.


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10 responses to “Cardinal Sarah gone

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    You frightened me, Father. Whew, he has not gone to his eternal reward. You know that he had to go. He is too faithful a son of Holy Mother Church. That will never do. Cardinal Sarah’s boss needs to take a refresher course in the Faith minus the Communist indoctrination

  2. I can hear the sound of screws being slowly tightened.

  3. Mary B

    Dear Father, it’s being reported elsewhere that PF removed him; others state Cardinal Sarah resigned…
    I love Cardinal Robert Sarah, and trust his decisions and choices, hoping for
    God’s good working in all the fall out from this resignation. Maybe more books?! more readying for what is to come?!

  4. Mary B

    May/ought I amend my comment to Robert Cardinal Sarah?

    • Aussie Mum

      Mary, if I have remembered correctly, in 2014 Pope Francis made it obligatory for Cardinals heading offices in the Roman Curia to offer their resignation upon reaching the age of 75 years. However, such resignations would only take effect if accepted by the Pope which could happen almost immediately or be put on hold for years, it all depending upon what the Pope desired. Cardinal Sarah turned 75 in June last year (Wikipedia). I, too, am very sorry to see that the resignation he was forced by regulations to offer has been accepted by Pope Francis. Another good man high up in the government of the Church has been lost.

  5. Aussie Mum

    Yes, the Francisites are leading a charmed life at the moment, Pope Francis keeping them in place as long as possible while good men like Cardinals Burke, Muller, Pell and Sarah are gotten rid of one way or another.
    Events keep drawing my mind to Fatima, the latest reminder being news of Cardinal Sarah’s “resignation” as prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Pope Francis accepted Cardinal Sarah’s “resignation” Saturday 20th February … 20th February is the Feast Day of Saints Francisco and Jacinta of Fatima; moreover, Divine Worship and a right understanding of the Sacraments were central to the Fatima message.

    • Mary

      Thank you Aussie Mum! Your clarification helps make sense of Cardinal Sarah’s resignation now. I appreciate you as a commentator… (I.e. I do
      like what you have to say!)

      • Aussie Mum

        Thank you Mary, you are very kind. Father’s articles are so helpful and get me thinking, a good thing when the weariness old age brings might otherwise lull me to sleep. Being housebound means there are few opportunities to see old friends and talk about things the way we used to when I was well and mobile but Father’s thought provoking articles and you all gathered around him here on the internet have become new friends and help keep me focused.

  6. I find it rather disappointing. I personally hoped he’d be the next Pope.

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