Homily: Jesus’ temptation by Satan. Not what you think. My heart is ripped out.


2021-02-21 · 6:10 pm

4 responses to “Homily: Jesus’ temptation by Satan. Not what you think. My heart is ripped out.

  1. Janice

    Thank you for sharing….so much to ponder here. So much for which to be thankful to God. Satan uses people to hurt or get to other people. God loves each one of us.

  2. akperera

    Thank you, this is stunning and yet makes perfect sense. Much to think on.

  3. nancyv

    No wonder Padre Pio keeps reminding us: Pray, don’t worry. Father, this homily….tears… Deo gratias!

  4. Aussie Mum

    Father, it seems to me that the Apostle John when standing under the Cross recognised what you do, that Our Lady and Our Lord’s most excruciating suffering was seeing that of the other: she “worried about her Son worrying about her” and He “worried about her worrying about Him”. Such is love and St John understood. Berthe Petit (a Church approved mystic) appears to note this when she says: “It was the moment of the Elevation. After having adored Jesus in the Host and in the Chalice, I raised my eyes to the Monstrance, and my whole being became permeated with intense love and oblation towards him … There was no longer any Monstrance… An immense Cross… my Jesus was attached to it, and at its foot stood Mary, my Mother, and John, the beloved disciple. What sorrow in the Virgin’s attitude, what compassion in the unforgettable features of St. John!” (during Midnight Mass 1893)
    And Our Lord gave His Mother to St John (and us) to care for and love, and to be loved and cared for by her as she had always loved and cared for Him. It is all so beautiful. He spoke of their two Hearts “wounded with the same wound” and He wants that understood by everyone: “You must think of my Mother’s Heart when you think of mine … foster love for this heart, so wholly one with mine!” (to Berthe Petit, Feb 1910).
    He loves her so much, saying of devotion to her Sorrowful Heart: “It is as a Son that I have conceived this devotion for My Mother. It is as God that I impose it” (to Berthe Petit, undated).http://johnhaffert.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Sorrowful-and-Immaculate-Heart-of-Mary.pdf

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