Homily: Ask, seek, knock, but… wait… what?


2021-02-26 · 5:02 am

2 responses to “Homily: Ask, seek, knock, but… wait… what?

  1. sanfelipe007

    What a great Lenten Homily from the Holy Spirit; prayer, prayer, prayer – it’s an act of justice. So, as an act of justice I prayed right away for the Holy souls in P.

    I reflected on the words said by a Mother sup (?) to her nuns about how praise for a Homily was not good for the humility of a Priest. I sensed the rightness of that. I will continue to give credit to the Holy Spirit for that which is good in a Homily, and simply tell a Priest that “I will offer a rosary for you.”

    Father, I’m offering a rosary for you today – you poor sinner.

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