Italy’s Covid shuts down Easter, again. El creepo Governor of North Carolina threatens, again.

Days to be shut down absolutely – by force – are Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil), Easter Sunday, and the “Day of the Angel” which is Easter Monday, one of the most respected “days off” in Italy, you know, because Covid itself knows very precisely the timing of Easter each year, even though it’s a different date every year.

Typical persecution of religion by the atheists. After a while, even the most die-hard creepos get tired of their own scare-tactics. Or you would think so. Everyone else has been fed up for more than a year. The second I saw the political discrimination over against religion, but favoring ABC Liquor stores at the same time, I simply opened up the church for a normal schedule with everything normal within a week or two of Easter 2021. Taking away Easter with fraud? Ain’t gonna happen here.

But wait, the el creepo Governor of North Carolina is threatening smack downs, again. Yeah, well, go ahead and try el creepo Governor. It won’t work here.

Anyone offended by the use of “el creepo”? I’ll tell you this, it’s creepy to have anti-Catholic politicians threaten tiny little churches with jack-booted force so as to stop proper worship of Almighty God. Creepy.

We will have Holy Mass during Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum and during Easter Week and onward one way or the other. Guaranteed. If we need to do up Mass Rock logistics like in Ireland back in the day, or Priest Holes (hidden chapels in the walls of houses) like in England back in the day, then that’s what we’ll do.

  • BTW, did you see where Fauci said the other week that the measurement of usefulness of masks falls within statistical margin of error, meaning that it’s completely unknown if masks are useful, or even harmful…
  • BTW, did you see where the Chinese World Health Organization in conjunction with Wuhan Joe said that other week that masks are used to smack down any rebellion of individuals against any governments guidelines rights around the world.

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