Sanctuary Renovation continues

The cement is down. The cement board is down, The mortar is down. The porcelain tile is down. The grouting still needs to be pushed in and the floor washed.

Meanwhile, logistics are being prepared for the Tabernacle. We’re getting closer to the construction of Communion Rails. The Granite Altar top will be cut, as will the pieces to be used with the Tabernacle and the Communion Rails.

Here’s the beginnings of the “box” upon which the Altar top will be laid. The plywood on the floor is simply providing a flat surface for now.

The front of the Altar will be oak boards. It will look good on it’s own, but we’re looking into seeing about getting a mosaic or bas relief to install on the front. That’s the least of our worries right now. We’re trying to get back into church as soon as possible.

In these days of chaos, Holy Mass is being offered in the social hall. Grrr… But my thoughts at this time have gone to the chaos on Calvary and to those who are suffering terrible persecution right now, likely with no possibility of Holy Mass or only in very compromised situations. Holy Mass has been offered in concentration camps. We’re doing well.

Just in case anyone is wondering, we have not provided any quarter for any pagan idol Pachamama statue. Instead, the granite for the Altar top comes to us from Brazil. This is our way of doing reparation for the sins against the first commandment.


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3 responses to “Sanctuary Renovation continues

  1. Now that’s a proper Sunday morning sign of hope 👍

  2. galwayirishheart

    It is going to be so beautiful!

  3. sanfelipe007

    Thanks be to God.

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