Scientific smack-down of vaccines: Apocalyptic smack-down of priests

Two of those links (2 and 3) have reference to the same item, but have various ways to get to various internal links, as the cancel crowd are already removing from the internet your ability to get at the facts. Once you start digging to get the facts, the more you need to be fortified with prayer. We live in a very dark time.

I can pretty much guarantee that any bishop promoting vaccines will NOT read or listen to any of the above links. They don’t want to know the truth. They feel the power! They say: Pro-abortion homosexualist moral theologians told us that directly doing evil to achieve a good is to be praised. They say: The devil made me do it. Yep. They are correct on both counts about the pro-abortion homosexualist moral theologians and the devil. But they; are incorrect on assertion that doing evil to achieve a good is to be praised, and incorrect again that the devil forced them to be so evil: they have a choice. They have chosen to be Satanists. Jesus says that Satan is a liar and murderer from the beginning. Jesus is the Living unmanipulatable Truth.

Jesus laid down His life so that we would stop murdering each other.

Any bishop who says that – for health or money – we should purposely profit off the murder of babies in the womb for vaccines, thus murdering the image of God, thus tantamount to ripping out John the Baptist and Jesus from the wombs of their mothers, should be forthwith excommunicated. Jesus said: What you done to the least of these you have done to me.

And don’t give me the useless argument that pro-vaccine death mongers are not liable to excommunication because they have not themselves had hands-on participation in ripping a baby out of any womb. These moral heretics are excommunicated because of their moral heresy about how good it is, they say, to do evil to achieve good.

Does one need more than one hand to count those bishops who are truly pro-life, you know, in the entire world? I think not.

Jesus asked if there would be any faith when He returned. I’m guessing that those numbered with faith would be just above zero, at least among the filthy murderous priests and bishops. And yet, Jesus’ Church will remain until He comes again. Jesus will always have what He Himself calls a “little flock.”

Previously, limited populations have been required to choose between life and death (as with Moses and the Chosen people: I put before you life and death, choose life!), or between YHWH and Baal (as with Elijah on Mount Carmel: If Baal is god, follow him; if YHWH is God, follow Him!).

But it has never before happened in human history that, all things being equal, every human being in the entire world, all the many billions of us, have of a sudden and all at once been required to choose between eternal life and eternal death, between the God of Life and murderous Satan.

“Take the vaccine!” scream the Satanists, their voices gurgling with the blood of the children they have had executed for their sake. And now you have a choice. Every person in the world has a choice, of a sudden.

Don’t think you can say: “I have no choice; I’m required to take a vaccine.” That’s not true. You can lay down your life for the least among us. Yes. Choose eternal life.

Jesus said that He would come among us as a thief in the night. Apparently, almost no one has heeded His kind warning, having fallen away from love of God and love of neighbor before the time, so that when we are required to choose life or death, the weak and politically correct, the cowards, the go-along-to-get-along crowd, choose to turn their backs on Christ Jesus, Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception.

There are “next steps” to be taken. The instant I saw bishops and their affirmation yes-men in the Holy See, particularly Pope Francis, intimating that those who do not take the vaccine are tantamount to being murderers of their fellow man, that is the instant I understood that it will come about that priests will be required to take the vaccine, and booster vaccines and unending other vaccines OR ELSE they will be:

  • quietly reprimanded, but firmly, talked-over, brow-beaten, marginalized, you know, emotionally, because that’s the level where these tender snow-flake entitled-to-be-vaccine heroes are at…
  • publicly reprimanded, with all sorts of threats, even with chancery henchmen reading episcopal statements that are pro-vaccine from the pulpit at the Holy Mass that the reprimanded priest is offering…
  • removed from active ministry without reassignment…
  • provided no remuneration on which to live, having no insurance, having their housing entirely removed…
  • suspended a divinis, from divine things, so that, even cast aside already, the priest is further smacked down so as to remove him from any and all availability for the High Priest, Christ Jesus, you know, just to demonstrate all the more hatefulness…
  • put under, say, territorial interdict – an exercise in baiting – so that if such an entirely “rebellious” priest roams, say, out of a county even for a moment, even to get food or medicine or to fix a vehicle, he will state by such action, such a horrible “sin”, that he desires to be dismissed from the clerical state (laicized), even though that’s the last thing he wants to have happen…
  • excommunicated with a declaration about the same being published in the diocesan newspaper, calling the priest a murderer for not getting the murder-derived vaccine.

Of course, most filthy liberal bishops will move from a quiet reprimand right to a threat of slitting the throats of priests forthwith. That will prove to, say, Pope Francis, that they are nice bishops. Nice!

This is apocalyptic not only because of massive and generalized apostasy, loss of faith, but because in priests being smacked down, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will almost entirely disappear from the face of the earth. Yep.

Can you bishops read the signs of the times? No? Perhaps you ought to go to Confession. You have become dull of mind, heavy of heart, blind in sight, deaf in hearing, thinking that you yourself can save yourself under your own “power”, turning to the “lord” whom you have replaced with yourself, thinking you have salvation in doing this. When you are in hell in the jaws of Satan, no one will come to your rescue. Go to Confession. And let us know about it. Tell us about the conversion the Lord God has accomplished in you. Be a good example in repentance. Stop persecuting priests who want to respect the life of the image of Jesus in the womb.

As for me, I will be happy to stand in solidarity with these least of the brethren at the Last Judgment. They will be perfect adults at that time, bearing the life of the Most Holy Trinity in themselves, seeing God in the Face, gloriously, immensely happy, and they will let me know that it will be a joy for them to have me there are also in heaven with them for eternity.

I would rather be heaven with “aborted fetuses” for eternity than with tender snowflakes entitled only to meltdowns as they drop into hell.

I’ll tell you this, by the grace of God, I will not slash open the wombs of Elizabeth and Mary so as to rip out merely-a-fetus John the Baptist and merely a fetus Jesus so as to give those “products of conception” and “useless tissue” to “scientists” to make “vaccines.” Ain’t gonna happen.

And if I die “before my time” because of a Covid infection, I will let that stand as a witness to respect for life, a martyrdom. That’s what I think about it. And as I’ve always said with ironic reverse meaning:

Hier stehe ich. Ich kann nicht anders. Gott helfe mir.

  • ///sarcasm: Oh! I forgot! The rationalization that the bishops use is the argument of coercion! My bad! Someone screams: “Commit murder!” and that means that you can now can go ahead and commit murder with praise from God! /// off sarcasm
  • No. You will personally answer for all the murder before the God of life. Go to Confession. You cannot directly do evil to achieve good.

To this USCCB: You remember your medical ethics guidelines back in the 1990s, the appendix about formal and material cooperation, about proximate and remote cooperation? You remember how the Holy See forced you to recant that appendix and the evil you have done with that appendix? That was me who put that reprimand through. But now you have gone back to that appendix, most dark and most evil, rationalizing that it’s all good because now we have a pope who doesn’t much care what you do. That’s not a good excuse before Jesus. No, it’s not.


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4 responses to “Scientific smack-down of vaccines: Apocalyptic smack-down of priests

  1. sanfelipe007

    Amen, Thank you for the links. I will print the information out and hand them to my primary care physician, who wants me to take the vaccine.

  2. Liz

    God have mercy on us!
    Thank you, Father, for linking to these. I have been needing just this information.

  3. Catherine

    Father George, you have raised another dangerous and distressing issue. I guess these are the sign of the times.

    I agree with everything you say Father. Just the immoral procurement (I call it murder) and use of baby cells is enough to say “stop this madness”!! If this push to vaccinate everyone doesn’t stop, those of us who are left will eventually be put up against the wall. We will have to decide whether to lose our souls or our lives.

    I understand your concerns. Our leaders have left us without protection. They have misguided us. The leaders say that the “vaccine” is not mandated but then from the other side of their mouth they say if you don’t take the shot you are band from travelling, shopping, working, etc. You will be band from society. You will be an outcast. “Where are your papers?” is a question asked in the dark war days.

    When you hear of four thousand or more recorded deaths directly due to the “vaccine” and tens of thousands permanently injured due to the “vaccine”, you have to realize that there is something very wrong. A halt should have been made in the distribution of the “vaccine” innoculations long ago. But no, the politicians, media and the “dark forces” filled us fear and spread lies. People demanded vaccines to feed their fear, to make it go away. More and more people are going to be vaccinated.

    It troubles and grieves my soul even more when I read that “they” are now going to use this “experimental vaccine” on little children and on babies. If you do the research, you will find that its not a “vaccine” but rather “gene therapy”. There are so many experienced and knowledgeable scientists and doctors who are being silenced, losing their jobs because they are trying to warn the people that this is catastrophic and some even warning of mass deaths in the foreseeable days ahead due to the “vaccine”. Some scientists have even gone so far as to say that it is genocide. “Conspiracy theorists” are getting a bad rap. We have been labelled crazy because we are trying to warn people of legitimate danger and the truth. People with credentials are being silenced. The “bad people” want them to be shut down. BUT the testimonies of the people don’t lie. Sadly, the evidence of the dead don’t lie. Those crippled from the “vaccines” don’t lie. When the bodies begin to pile up, will society take notice? The dust will eventually settle but it may be too late.

    What to do? The people around me won’t listen. Some of my loved ones won’t listen. I am considered the “crazy one”. I have been pouring out my heart to Jesus, Mary, Joseph, God our Father, St. Michael, the saints….I know one thing though….God is not to blame! We did this all by ourselves. Only God can fix what we have done. So like St. Padre Pio advises: “pray, hope and don’t worry”. We need to do God’s Will just as Jesus did in the gardens of Gethesame, just as Mary did when she gave her “Yes” despite the dangers and just as St. Joseph did following the instructions given him in dreams that protected the Holy Family, etc. God has a Plan for each of us. We just have to pray, listen and do His Will.

    The trumpets of heaven are sounding. I hope people will pay heed and do God’s Will. God bless you Father George. You are always in my prayers.


  4. Mary Ann

    I have heard the most feeble excuses from Catholics, for getting the jab.

    One of these people was strongly against it, on the grounds of its connection to abortion, until he found a website to tell him, what he wanted to hear, i.e. that there are no moral issues with the jab, in another words, no connection to abortion. What is his excuse? He wants a holiday in Asia next year!

    He also says that he knows, about the side effects that can happen, and doesn’t mind taking that risk with his health either

    I think that there must be a strong campaign to get off the internet, any information to indicate, that there is a connection to abortion, and to cover up that connection, and also the horrendous side effects: including death, from these drugs.

    Many of my fellow Australians, have decided, that they don’t want the jab, and this is probably for the most part, because they have heard some bad reports about side effects, but of course some of them are pro life.

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