It’s Good Friday: Mount Carmel Via Crucis

Originally posted on a long defunct website. There were rumblings at the time that there was a new plan to replace these Stations as the original company that made them was found. I find that the message of the destruction, particularly of the faces, is rather profound. Those who did the destruction know who they are. It will work on them like acid. Will they repent? Perhaps they already have.


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4 responses to “It’s Good Friday: Mount Carmel Via Crucis

  1. sanfelipe007

    Thank you for this new opportunity to walk the stations with you, Father. Another Rosary for you (you are always in my Rosaries, but this is an extra one for you -you can never have enough prayers.) in thanksgiving and in support of your vocation.

  2. Aussie Mum

    Re: “I find that the message of the destruction, particularly of the faces, is rather profound.”
    Yes, faces are how we come to know and recognise others. The vandals have mainly focused their destruction on the Holy Face of Our Lord and the faces of the soldiers who tortured and killed Him, I suppose because these relate the reality of Cavalry – God’s Love despite our unworthiness and His Sacrifice that redeems us – and they want this knowledge expunged (Station XII, Our Lord’s death on the Cross, totally obliterated) .
    Damage to the other faces seem mostly collateral rather than focused, even the damage done to the faces of Our Lady and St John (their images unharmed at the 4th Station but receiving acid splatter at the 14th). Perhaps the destroyers didn’t understand our Blessed Mother’s role or that of St John in Salvation History.
    Watching these videos this time brought to mind devotion to the Holy Face and the thought that it might do more good if these damaged Stations of the Cross are not replaced. As they are, these Stations highlight the shocking truth that the world hates God and consequently that reparation is needed for such terrible insult: man throwing God’s love back in His Holy Face. There is a collection of devotional prayers to honour the Holy Face of Jesus Christ in reparation for the insults and indignities offered It and His Divinity at

  3. Aussie Mum

    It has been reported (Good Friday US time) that ” Jimmy Lai, veteran democracy activist Martin Lee, and other brave defenders of human rights were convicted in Hong Kong on a slew of offenses that had nothing to do with violating just laws and everything to do with challenging the lawlessness of Hong King’s communist Chinese rulers.” The two men named above are described as “devout Catholics, (who) have been walking the way to Calvary, along which they have met the Lord by conforming themselves to Christ and his redemptive suffering … That they have done so willingly, knowing full well what they were doing and what risks they were running, makes their witness even more Christlike … They know that the worst in human history happened on Good Friday and that God gave his answer to that on Easter Sunday. Knowing that, they can live as free men in the deepest sense of human freedom”.
    Please pray for them.

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