Dogs eating Easter Rabbits & Easter eggs: Humor lightening it up a bit

Shadow-dog, setting a good example, has most excellent over-the-top skill sets in hunting and shredding and then devouring “Easter Rabbits” with their baskets of eggs.

The Easter Rabbit comes from a time of fasting in which no meat at all was eaten during lent, not even rabbits. But now, with rabbits having had time to proliferate during Lent, they are everywhere just waiting to be devoured as part of the celebration of Easter when there is not fasting.

The Easter eggs thing comes from a time of fasting in which no eggs[!] at all were eater during lent. At Easter, there is no such fasting, and everyone would immediately hunt down all the eggs they could find, both eating them and, in their rejoicing that Lent was over because our dear Lord and God and Savior was now risen from the dead, they would decorate those eggs and give them to others, encouraging rejoicing all the more.

Dogs killing Easter Rabbits with baskets of eggs for the devouring of all and sundry. Great! Perfect card for Easter, actually. Kill that meat-rabbit! Eat those eggs!

Happy Easter!

By the way, Shadow-dog has been practicing right along to kill that rabbit and sack the eggs:



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7 responses to “Dogs eating Easter Rabbits & Easter eggs: Humor lightening it up a bit

  1. Catherine

    Happy Easter Father George!! I love hearing about your four legged family. God bless you!

  2. Aussie Mum

    Happy Easter!!

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Blessed and Happy Easter, Father. This yyear Easter is especially exciting for me. It is a very rare time when my birthday falls on Easter Sunday. I feel it is a very special day and a privilege that God has allowed me.
    May God bless and keep you always.

  4. sanfelipe007

    He is risen, Alleluia! Happy Easter Father! Speaking of rabbits, your post reminded me of an anecdote:
    The last remaining monk of an, otherwise, defunct Monastery was asked why he remained a monk after all the others had left to pursue their own designs. He said:
    A pack of dogs heard the unmistakable sound of another dog chasing down a rabbit, so they joined in. The mass of animals went in hot pursuit. As the day grew late, more and more dogs gave up the chase, until eventually, only the original dog remained. That dog, alone, had actually seen the rabbit.

  5. James Anderson

    This is a special day for Mother Angelica as she went to meet the Lord on Easter.

  6. sanfelipe007

    Happy Birthday, Gina!

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