Religion as essential as Chinamart? SCOTUS

While SCOTUS seems to defend the free exercise of religion in this decision, I posit that this is another step down a slippery slope, for the free exercise of religion is actually essential, while Chinamart is not. There’s no comparison. True, California had smacked down Constitutional rights – given by God, not man, by the way – so that Chinamart was held to be infinitely more essential than any free exercise of religion. But SCOTUS merely putting the two on par with each other is not the solution. No. The free exercise of religion is absolutely essential – against Joey (The Heretic – anti-Catholic) Biden.


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2 responses to “Religion as essential as Chinamart? SCOTUS

  1. sanfelipe007

    Scotus is driving me crazy, I tell you! For what are they waiting?

    With court-packing foremost on the minds of the Democrats, the 6-3 conservative majority might never again be achieved.

  2. Father Byers is right on target here. The solution to the problem of not being able to deprive only religious people of their constitutional rights will be to deprive everyone of their constitutional rights– in other words, to treat everyone equally badly.

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