Ad orientem: Thank you Fr George. That was really good for me.

Desiring to follow the rubrics, the above just happened to happen. The unsolicited response has been 100% positive, as if to say: Thank you for leading us to Jesus.

And then:

The sanctuary is many weeks away from completion.


Tiny monstrance. The pyx in the other broke, again, from too much usage. That little monstrance is from the rectory chapel.

As you might notice, we’re following the rubrics for the Latin Rite also in Prince of Peace.

Just my opinion, but when much of the world is going to hell and so many individuals in the Church are worshipping Satan Pachamama, priests should point to Jesus instead of screaming “Look at me!”

I mean, aren’t we sick of all the soft homosexualist narcissism?

We need to start following Jesus.


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7 responses to “Ad orientem: Thank you Fr George. That was really good for me.

  1. Liz

    I agree, Father. It warms my heart when I see priests saying mass ad orientem. God bless you!

  2. Tom Schott


  3. sanfelipe007


  4. Donna Burket Maybe you’d be interested in this site? The array of monstrances is astounding. Beautiful works of art.

  5. gk

    It is what makes the mass more meaningful, as it makes sense that as you the priest is presenting the sacrifice to God!!!!!!!!!!!

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