Ad orientem! No compromise!

This was drawn by a nine-year-old. Such wisdom. Very close to Jesus. He was suffering terribly and throughout his life at that time. As far as I know, he’s still alive. God bless him.

This is called: “No compromise!” We’re the ones who are expendable. We are to be crucified to ourselves to live for Jesus.

This is why, getting back from Los Angeles, similarly encouraged about all that which is Catholic, Holy Mass in my parish was offered ad orientem, towards the Liturgical East, towards the Sacrifice on the Altar, Jesus, who is the Priest, Altar and Lamb of Sacrifice. These logistics are what the Church has for us in the rubrics, the liturgical law as provided and supported by the General Institution of the Roman Missal (Novus Ordo, mind you), which I’m guessing is obligatory for the New Order of Mass right across the New Roman Rite rite around the world, you know, unless there is some indult to force priests NOT to offer Mass the way standing liturgical law indicates. Anyone?

Personally, I’m sick of compromising with the freakishly anti-Christ Cromwell from back in the day and resurrected in our own times to corrupt our Divine Worship. Ask any Irish born priest about Cromwell, and if they are in any way faithful, they will tell you how angry they still are with him. It might take you a few years to get this out of them, so angry are they with the compromisers, but they will tell you eventually. And then… you… will… know…

I’m about at that point. I would die before worshipping Pachamama or going along anymore with the B as in B, S as in S that the inverted narcissist homosexualists have for us or are planning for us. Ain’t gonna happen. They have it that this most important thing to do is to smack down those who want to follow liturgical law, the most important thing is to pander to brow-beating and bullying by the really nice elites or “lets look good to the mass media fame.” I’m sick of it. I want to go to heaven. I want to be more childlike in my faith, with the good example of that little boy above. And if we all don’t do the same, says Jesus, we will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

But again, if there is contrary legislation, let me know. I’m happy to dialogue, but only as clever as a serpent and as innocent as a dove. God help me with both of those.

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  1. Aussie Mum

    Offering Mass ad orientem makes sense. I’m glad Father that you can do that now.
    Re: What the Irish knew / know, but from an Australian perspective.
    What Cromwell and his kind did to Catholic Ireland in the 17th century (genocide of the anti-Catholic variety) reverberated across the British Empire and down the generations. A young man during World War II, my father was well aware of what his forebears had suffered first in Ireland and then in colonial Australia. Dad was not against the English people (my mother’s heritage was mostly English). He understood that the devil was behind the evil done by Cromwell and those like him, and was rooted in inordinate self-love and a passion for personal aggrandisement especially prevalent among social climbers and the elite of any nation. However, common sense, so obvious in my father’s generation, began evaporating during the 2nd half of the 20th century, partly because Australians were encouraged by our elites in government, academia and the media to think of ourselves as one “nice” big multicultural family – a niceness that necessitated acceptance of religious pluralism as a good thing. Convinced Catholicism subsequently began to wane and overt discrimination waned along with it. And yet, in reality, discrimination against Catholics has not declined but is increasing in the 21st century as now rootless Catholics are labelled “real” Catholics and faithful Catholics are redefined as unloving religious fanatics. “Real” Catholics are open to Pachamama and other rot because they are “so loving”. Such “niceness” is really indifference to God and neighbour dressed up as love – a false love praised by elites who present themselves as the wise men (and women) of Post-Modern Times determined to save the world. What an ego trip! What Our Lady told Blessed Elena Aiello keeps coming to mind – that our leaders (elites) are “specimens infernal” leading people away from God and toward destruction. Even Church leadership appears infected; perhaps “infiltrated” would be a better word.

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