Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (joy of seeing them everywhere, ed.)

Something like the Southern Cross, right?

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Hmmm, three…. a reminder of Faith, Hope and Charity? For me, yes.

And then… the five wounds of the Passion flourishing in our souls, thanks be to God? Yes, another reminder.

Saint Teresa of Avila is all about using nature to remind us of God and who we are before God. There are endless analogies which come to mind. This isn’t fiction or mere imagination. Being creatures of the Creator, we have a sense that creation is created by our Creator. Saint Paul has it that all of creations loudly proclaims our Good Creator (see Romans, chapter 1).

But it isn’t some mere academic exercise. This is personal. I can’t think of anything more manly for a man than to give flowers to the Immaculate Conception.

For instance, the Archangel Michael was not sent to announce to Mary that she is to be the Immaculate, Virgin Mother of God, the one singled out for battle against Satan in Genesis 3:15. No, no. It was the Archangel Gabriel who was sent to her for this announcement from the the throne of the Most High. I get the sense from the Scriptures that Gabriel is the military chief over Michael. The name Gabriel means “the ultra-warrior-hero of God.” Of course the ultimate warrior angel is sent to her who is the one singled out for doing battle over against Satan, she whose Motherhood for the God-Man would have her crush Satan with Him.

I imagine Gabriel coming in fresh from battle, ever so humbly taking a knee before she who is to be the Queen Mother of God, so as to make this announcement. So, yes. Flowers for you Mary.

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One response to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (joy of seeing them everywhere, ed.)

  1. Aussie Mum

    Yes, Father, the way the flowers appear in the first picture above do indeed look “something like the Southern Cross”. Both Australia and near neighbour New Zealand portray that constellation on our national flags and both nations have Our Lady as patroness. She is patroness of Australia under the title “Mary, Help of Christians”. And so, when I see or am otherwise reminded of the Southern Cross (like now) my thoughts happily fly to when her Immaculate Heart will triumph and all our people will return to Our Lord who suffered and died for us on the Cross. Thank you for reminding me. I need reminding every day to avoid discouragement with so much bad news globally and my own problems, small by comparison though they be.

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