Some pointers on receiving Holy Communion

Seen in yet another Faith Formation classroom in the parish.

A review is good from time to time. :-)


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3 responses to “Some pointers on receiving Holy Communion

  1. sanfelipe007

    I had a discussion this morning with Father K, about my deep sadness at the way we have been made to receive Our Lord during this pandemic. He admitted that he also preferred to receive kneeling and on the tongue. We agreed that Obedience was also a Catholic thing, remembering the writings of various saints who submitted to Superiors out of obedience, despite receiving mystical requests from Jesus, and the BVM, Both of whom agreed that obedience and patience was to be observed.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Let me correct a poorly worded phrase:

    “…both of whom [confirmed] that obedience and patience was to be observed.

  3. Nan

    My Byzantine church has also modified the manner in which we receive communion; reception on hand is impossible as the body and blood are together in the chalice, previously dropped into one’s mouth from a spoon – aka the baby bird method – tip back and open up; now we receive on individual spoons – aka choo choo train method – spoon goes in, mouth closes around it, spoon comes out. A lot more work for the sacristan.

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