“You’re a murderer. You’re always gonna be Mexican, never white.”

This is tagged “Humor” because I had to LOL when I heard the officer ever so politely say things ever so calmly like “O.K.” and “Thanks.” I mean, this is sad, tragic, that anyone whomsoever could have such an attitude as does this woman. Wow. But it’s great to see the officer give back utter professionalism. So cool. LOL.

Look, all lives matter, black and blue and white and whatever. We’re all God’s children, well, except for those who don’t want to be. But nobody is beyond Redemption and Salvation, even this lady. Jesus’ grace is more than sufficient, but we can’t go around rejecting Jesus, meaning that we have to love God and neighbor, and racism like this is forbidding that love of God and neighbor, right?


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5 responses to ““You’re a murderer. You’re always gonna be Mexican, never white.”

  1. nancyv

    This has got to be staged. Nobody (please God) can be that stupid and ridiculous.
    But I will encourage ANYONE who has hear stupid, hurtful comments about skin color to simply reply “We are all just a different shade of God’s dirt”.

  2. James Anderson

    What’s even worse she is a teacher. I can just imagine what she is teaching her students. Hopefully, her son can see the difference between the way his mother is acting and the way the officer is acting. Actions speak louder than words.

  3. sanfelipe007

    oh yes, nancyv, we can be that stupid. But thankfully, not all of us at the same time.

    • nancyv

      ha – thank you for reminding me sanfelipe007. I guess it is easier for me to admit to being sinful than being stupid! But yes, you are absolutely right!

  4. Mary Ann

    I saw this on TV and my thoughts on the matter were that, she is awful.

    Who in their right mind speaks to a police officer like that?

    You can probably get arrested for speaking to a police officer like that, in some parts of the world.

    It is my suspicion that, what she said, to the police officer, was part of her anger at getting into trouble with the law, despite the anger, it’s unlikely, that the ugly things that she said to him, during her rant, would have come out in that way, unless things like that go on in her mind from time to time.

    What an unsuitable person to be a school teacher. Heaven help the unfortunate child or children, that she is mother too.

    In regard to this lady, and I use that term very loosely, I would have a look into her mental health, and also any possible substance abuse, and anything else that could explain, why someone would behave in that angry and idiotic way. I say idiotic, because she abused the police officer, and accused him of being a murderer, and stupidly recorded her new crime of abusing a police officer!

    She surely deserves a spot on the program, world’s dumbest criminals!

    Good on the police officer, for keeping a nice cool head. I hope that someone visits her, and gives her a miraculous medal to wear.

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