Arrested for preaching: jailhouse interview

This is now the situation in many countries. It’s coming to a church near you. Are you ready?

Did he know this was going to happen? Yes.

Did he run? No.

What a great pastor!

To sum it up: If we have no free exercise of religion, nor even freedom to worship God as all worship of God is criminalized by the State, then we are left with nothing but terror and compliance with Satan.

But are not to have any fear! Jesus said so. So, no terror received. Do you sense any fear in this guy’s voice? No. Is he compliant with Satan? No.

But, my more incisive question in my circumstances: Where are those Catholic clergy and bishops like him? There are some, but they are very few and very far between. We must encourage our clergy and bishops to have no fear!

In the front photo of the video this pastor’s face is set like flint, like Jesus on His way to Jerusalem to be crucified. No fear. No anger. But surely determination to see the course through, to fight the good fight. I love that. I pray that I can strive to follow this guy’s example. Thanks, Pastor Pawlowski!


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3 responses to “Arrested for preaching: jailhouse interview

  1. Tom Schott

    I know you…and I know that if it ever happened, you would be the example for Catholic priests to follow. Praying every morning for your fortitude.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    I am 75 years old. I grew during the very cold war. I was privileged to know lights such as Pope Pius XII, Cardinal Mindszenty, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. I was educated in Catholic Schools when they were truly Catholic. The good Sisters warned us that the devil was working among us, and that we could expect persecution in our lifetime. Well here it is. This fine pastor in Canada. It will be here soon. We must pray very hard for the courage to remain faithful no matter what the cost. God bless you, Father. May, Mary the Virgin Mother of priests always comfort you, and Saint Michael defend you

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