Evolution over 420,000,000 million years [updated in one day for evolution’s sake]

Zero change.

There’s never been even one instance of macroevolution proven.

There’s plenty of microevolution. I had freckles as a kid. But despite what Planned Parenthood says, I wasn’t a salamander in the womb.

And more than that, Redemption and, please God, Salvation, makes it possible for us to carry within us by created grace, sanctifying grace, the Most Holy Trinity. That ain’t happenin’ with other creatures even though created by… wait for it… our Creator. We are to be Tabernacles of the Holy Spirit with that fiery Love. God is Truth. God is Love.


  • We are, in fact, creatures with free will and all mankind is fallen. I mean, let’s take a look at how reasonable, how scientific we are:

That looks well organized, thoughtful, surely a factory putting means of production into action out of love of God and neighbor… Shock! Nur Arbeit macht Frei. What’s that mean? Freedom? …

This was all so very scientific! scientific! scientific! just moving evolution along with eugenics! And human mothers only have salamanders in the womb! Margaret Sanger a sycophant of Hitler, literally. Perhaps it is possible that with any scientific theory, there may be some self-serving politics afoot, so that science in that case is not science, but an abuse of science by butt-hurt emotions, you know, the entitlement to be smahht, you know, not dumb.

  • Obviously, I’m baiting people to go on a treasure hunt for Peking Man! There’s even a treasure map: 39°55′4″N 119°34′0″E. I mean, who was that Marxist poet Jesuit guy who fancied himself as an impressive scientist, paleontologist (ooo! a multisyllabic word!), theologian and, of course, philosopher? Oh yes! Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Now there’s a trustworthy guy! Sigh.
  • I’ve not said one thing about what side of evolution I tend to think answers more questions more consistently in the most simple manner against critics coming from all sides, that is, with the least possibility that we are reading premises into where they must not be or extracting premises from where they must be.
  • What I did say is that pro-death idiocy is butt-hurt emotional greed, making us, as Chesterton has it in, if I remember correctly, The Everlasting Man, less reasonable than the animals, products of our fallen human nature.

One gentleman of Princeton fame chimed in with an article about Ratz from a guy in Vienna (with whom I first had a sit-down way back in the 1990s in Rome), an article which sports this citation:

I couldn’t agree more with those very well chosen words. They are, in fact, exactly what I was expressing in my original post up top. Logically, they mean almost nothing. It’s just baiting for more thought about it all.

In thinking about this, let’s try to limit discussion as to whether faith can purify reason. ;-)


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6 responses to “Evolution over 420,000,000 million years [updated in one day for evolution’s sake]

  1. nancyv

    so what you are saying is all life sacred, but we are “special” and there ain’t no aliens? hahaha Father, I have to be a snot because it is just getting to ridiculous to even fathom. Your last 3 sentences say it all. Deo gratias.

  2. sanfelipe007

    The world is off the rails. Laws to protect the smelt and Healthy children’s organs harvested.

  3. Joisy Goil


  4. Gina Nakagawa

    To quote some of our “separated brethren, “Preach it , Father. Preach it!!”

  5. nancyv

    Observing little children building grand sandcastles at the beach and seeing the waves flatten them with 2 swoops, I have no question about evolution. It’s all in the Bible with how God created the world and in Noah and the flood.
    People have been been under the influence of evil after the Garden. It goes with the tide, some centuries bad, some not so bad….ok, maybe we are evolving to getting worse?

  6. sanfelipe007

    “In thinking about this, let’s try to limit discussion as to whether faith can purify reason. ;-)”

    Heh. I believe Pope Benedict tried that in Regensburg at some point. Faith and Reason. His opponents, violently proved his point.

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