Bishop Callahan removes Father Altman

Diocesan statement regarding Father James Altman — May 25, 2021 [with my comments]

“Fr. James Altman has recently made public the request from Bishop William Patrick Callahan that he resign his office of pastor of Saint James the Less Parish in the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, as well as his intent to decline the request. As a result, the Diocese of La Crosse will respond in accordance to the canonical process as needed for the removal of a priest from his office as pastor. [This will take a year or so. I have an idea! Hey Father! Come down to Charlotte Diocese. I think there’s a parish or two opening up mid-July.]

“During the past year, concerns have been expressed related to the ministry of Fr. James Altman, a priest in the Diocese of La Crosse. [“Concerns”? From whom? Marxists in a newspaper looking to sell newspapers, getting their facts wrong?] Bishop Callahan of the Diocese of La Crosse, and canonical representatives have worked to fraternally and privately address those concerns. The process has been pastoral and administrative with a desire toward a just resolution among all parties. [B as in B, S as in S. Explain your comment, Bishop, that Father Altman’s ministry is “ineffective.” Can’t do it, can you? That’s just a catchall throwaway to slit the throat of a believer. You coward.]

“The ministry of pastor was instituted in the Church not for the benefit of the one to whom it is entrusted, but for the pastoral and sacramental care of those for whom it is conferred. The salvation of souls takes precedence over the stability of the pastor in office when these two values come into direct conflict. [And there’s the accusation: The bishop is saying that Father Altman is working for the damnation of souls and couldn’t give a damn about pastoral and sacramental care of his parish family. Pretty brave, there, bishop. You’re playing the part of the Eternal Judge, Christ Jesus, who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire, including you.] Although attempts were made to allow Fr. Altman the opportunity to respond to fraternal correction, a resolution of this situation has been unsuccessful. [Were the actual complaints in Father’s file forwarded to him so that he could make a response? No. UPDATE: But two boxes of items were delivered to him. Great! Father Altman reported that 99% of letters were entirely supportive of him, while 1% were critical, but were not signed, had no return address. Pfft. This seems to have everything to do with the Dems being diametrically opposed to God and the Church on all fronts such that Father Altman correctly stated that one cannot be a Democrat and a Catholic. Father Altman also rightly cautioned people about taking non-approved experimental drugs, and against any forceful measures to forbid the Sacraments to the Jesus’ Little Flock because of Covid. Those are his crimes? Pfft. He’s one of the few witnesses to faith today.]

“It is important to note that this is not a penal remedy but a pastoral remedy. [Removed from office not penal? Penal is not medicinal? This is one truly confused bishop. This is the thinking of a bully.] Bishop Callahan asks for your prayers for Fr. Altman, for the congregation of St. James, and the faithful of the Diocese of La Crosse and beyond. While any change made to the ministry of a pastor is difficult [There seems to be zero intention of possibly letting Father Altman back to the parish as pastor], it is done with the hope that God’s work of justice, reconciliation and healing may be realized in the Body of Christ for a positive outcome.[!]

“The Diocese of La Crosse asks for the consideration of respect, safety and prayers at this time for all involved.” [Hahahahahah! There must be letters and phone calls and messages pouring into the diocese in gentle support of Father Altman. What a bunch of cowards before Father Altman, a gentle but manly soul.]

My thoughts on how this is going. The secular journalists have blood on their hands, are happy that such is the case, and are now encouraged by this to look to their next victim priest for any or no reason whatsoever. They already know that the bishop is their personal sycophant. All priests are now on notice. And that’s the point.

Also, and just to say, no priest I know of has followed so exactly the Covid protocols of his diocese. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that Father Altman is a believer. Imagine that. A priest who is a believer. That’s the crime.

And if other bishops notice this, they will be likewise emboldened to slit the throats of all their priests as well.

Oh, I forgot. There’s not many who are believers.

Pray for vocations who are faithful to Jesus.


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9 responses to “Bishop Callahan removes Father Altman

  1. Mark Malone

    How can you pretend to be a priest and not believe?!

  2. Tom Schott

    Fr George, I put you in the same category as Fr Altman (without the media coverage — yet). I know your response would be the same as his. Praying every morning for you both.

  3. Michael Hennessy

    Bishop Callahan you should now by now you cannot kill the TRUTH. You will answer to God for being a coward.

  4. Carolyn Pals Porter

    Being bold (truth telling) is not being divisive. Standing up for truth is not the typical response to all of the American SHEEP who in good faith are following stupid unproven rants from controlled news sources. Many shepherds (pastors) from all denominations are not protecting their flock because they are forcing devilish ridiculous rules of masking which is not helping ANYONE. Stand up for something or fall for anything (nonsense). Fr Altman is my hero. We the people are tired of all the lies of this world. And tired of church leadership who do not stand up to the one “world” beliefs of Dr FALSIE.

  5. Bridget M Moorman

    I started listening to Father Altman during the coved shutdown I have been so Hungary for truth in the catholic faith as I was raised in catholic schools with nuns that did not fear man but him who has power over death, or so they told us, then I learned there were many priests not afraid of man but were teaching Gods principles like Father Ed Meeks, the priest at Mary of Pine Bluff and Our Lady. Of The Gulf Catholic Church these priest were not cowardly hiding afraid of the worldly view but were out doing the work Jesus commanded us to do, preach the truth. So many have left the church because they see through the hypocrisy and we recognize the sign of the times that Jesus told us to watch for and most Catholic Churches are playing church we want to be feed the truth that sets us free not fear. If you do not want Father Altman in your church PLEASE sen him to our church in Florida, we live half a year in Florida and half in NCarolina and we have a fantastic shepherd at our NC church but need more faithful priests in Florida. Your loss will be our gain.

  6. chris griffin

    Father George thank you from a Charlotte native. I’ll try to visit when I can. God bless you and STAY STRONG.

  7. Tina Gregg

    As a cradle Catholic and someone who has seen many crisis in this world, the suspensions of the Eucharist and Mass were unbelievable
    We started back in April partially opening the church and half full
    The priests say it’s because people are scared
    It’s because the leaders showed they were afraid
    Shame on them
    If you can’t lead your flock and preach to have faith in God snd do not be afraid then get the heck out of the Catholic church
    Amazing that all our Protestant churches were open to full capacity in March but not the “woke” Catholic Church

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