Appeal to CIA OSC OSINT Reston: Keep friends close and enemies closer ;-)

Already some years ago my “Shadow” talked to me pretty extensively about an office for open source intelligence which had been run by DNI but was soon punted to the CIA, always at the same smallish campus in Reston, Virginia. My “Shadow” described accurately and in detail not only their analysis of gray literature such as standout blogs, perhaps peer-reviewed journals and such like, but also their playing with such authors so as to bait them into providing perspective on whatever issue.

I had never heard of such a thing – as I’m not my “Shadow”, right? – so it sounded like conspiracy theory quagmire. I mean, how could one play chess upside down, inside out, back to front and have the pretense that analysts will have the clarity not to analyze themselves in the process? This is the existential extremity of what ends up being counterintelligence with oneself. No one carrying out such an analysis can long survive not reading themselves into whatever dynamic. Unless there is fearless humility (rare, right?) so as not to use themselves as a standard of everything, it’s all an exercise of arrogant power. Is it worth anything? Sure, for what it’s worth. There must be some good people who have not worn themselves out on an adrenaline rush of being on top of whatever situation because of some will-to-power. There must be…

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From time to time the blog will get hits from named servers in the stats that read Central Intelligence Agency, with I.P. locators landing on the roof of OSC in Reston. Those claimed hits are always on posts which would be of interest to such analysts, so that any named hit is like a friendly nod for what was written from the perspective of whatever outside-of-the-box skill sets possessed by the author. Fine.

But what happens when, because of the unrepeatable world-view of any author, who will surely sometimes have a take on issues contrary to the ever changing status quo (we’re all human, right?) he is subject to being cancelled by whomsoever, a cancelling which will also take down that which is considered to be of value for the common good? The very point of gray intel is to get non-systemic points of view, right?

Well, that’s all good when there is a healthy first amendment. But when the arrogance of some think to have control of all that there is, the thirst for the power of destruction takes over as lockstep as fear regulating the action of the cowardly. And then what do we have? Them as our saviors? No thanks. Jesus is my Savior.

This blog is been hit by the cancel culture quite strongly in the past months. This is provable in many ways, one of which is the email system. I’m able to see inside the inboxes of others whom I assist, such as Father Gordon. Only, say, one in five posts might make it to his inbox. And that is also the reported experience of others, to the point now of their getting no notifications at all. Some receive some, some receive all, some receive nothing. But it’s all in the direction of nothing at all.

It’s about enough to make me go dark. There’s a certain freedom in that. There are many things to do in life for the Lord. So, yeah, I’m thinking about going dark pretty heavily in these days. It is what it is. If the intel crowd think that one in a thousand posts is worth the effort to follow, well, they know how to reverse any such cancelling, but it’s the will to do it that’s the question. My advice to them, whatever they think about the authors of the gray lit that they analyze, is to keep their friends close and their enemies closer.

I’d like to put up, say, a homily later today on the Most Holy Trinity, and maybe, say, a Flower for the Immaculate Conception. But those are what is most offensive to the cancel crowd. Religious integrity and honesty, a life lived with the Lord is quite uncontrollable by any government. That’s why there have been hundreds of millions of martyrs this past century, the most bloody century in the entire history of mankind. And I’m concerned about being cancelled? I’m such an idiot. But a happy “scum of the earth” (to reference Saint Paul). ;-)


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8 responses to “Appeal to CIA OSC OSINT Reston: Keep friends close and enemies closer ;-)

  1. nancyv

    Father George David Byers! You can’t go dark, you are a light of Christ.

  2. Catherine

    Good morning Father George! Happy Trinity Sunday to you and all!
    I have noticed that occasionally I do not receive your email notifications. I thought perhaps you were busy and forgot. Its disturbing that we are being censored and spied on. Shame on those people. I would be deeply saddened to have you blacked out. I look for you everyday and even though I don’t comment regularly, I appreciate the gems and jewells you reveal to us.
    No matter what happens Father George, I will keep praying for you. Take care and God bless you!
    Sincerely, catherine

  3. sanfelipe007

    Well I, for one, get mysterious emails that say “So and so loved your comment! click here to see what they are up to.”

    Yeah, right. Like I am still naive enough to click on strange links! The thing is, These emails purport to come from this site’s host, wordpress, but I have never seen a “like this comment” button anywhere.

    • Father George David Byers

      I’ll comment on a comment, but not “like it”. Don’t even know how to do that.

  4. I will make the effort every day to go into Arise Let Us Be Going instead of waiting for an email. What you have to say is that important to me!

  5. Nan

    Mama needs her flowers.

  6. Dianna

    Father George, your posts inspire me. I haven’t been to Mass in years. I know, sinful. I have grown tired of politically correct priests and clergy. I found your blog and also found Fr. Altman, who is fighting now as you know to retain his parish. It is you my friend who has helped me find beauty in simple things, flowers, animals and humor. I pray for you daily and whatever “Intel, CIA, or Reston won’t stop you! “If God is with us, who can be against us?” A host of angels are surrounding you now. Godspeed! Keep trucking!

  7. Dolores Kozlowski

    You and Fr Gordon, Fr Altman and all the good priests are in my daily prayers and will remain there.

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