Church Penal Code Canon Law Book VI revision declared as deck chairs rearranged

  • Canon 1321 §1: everyone is considered innocent until the contrary is proven.

Great! But, oh, I forgot. The prophets were stoned to death, cut in two. Jesus was condemned and put to death. Thomas More was decapitated. Fr James Altman was smacked down…

If anyone dares to say that – Hey! It’s all good now! We’ve made progress! – pretty much they are blaspheming. The Code of Canon Law isn’t going to make those attacking the doctrine and morality and the liturgy of the Church and the Sacraments and attacking Jesus and our Blessed Mother into saints who actually obey the 10 Commandments, much less the Code of Canon Law in any iteration. Perhaps it’s a good revision. But do not put your trust in such horses.

You want proof of the foundation for that cynicism?

When I had to endure sitting through the VIRTUS® course at the Pontifical College Josephinum back in the day, a course unique to seminaries, different from that given to the laity, I had to complain about many points which were entirely pro-homosexualist. One in particular that I cite to this day regards “red flags” when deciding whether or not to report a suspicious person. Out of a long list of possible requirements, there had to be at least two in the list that were present before one would be allowed to report on the suspicious behavior of someone possibly crossing boundaries. One of the things on that list was showing pornography to minors. But you can’t report that behavior, mind you, unless you have another indicator to demonstrate not only a pattern but that which is entrenched in a number of ways.

NO! The second I would see someone showing pornography to minors (or anyone else) is the very second that they will find themselves on the ground sucker-punched, possible jaw-broken, eye-socket broken, and only then have 911 called for their medical treatment and for their arrest. I don’t care if this happened to be a rich layman or a narcissist priest or some bishop or cardinal. Ain’t gonna happen at my church. I’m not going to wait for another red flag that there has possibly been a possible boundary violation.

And I’m not going to say that the porn pusher is to be “considered innocent until the contrary is proven.” No, he’s going to out cold, on the spot. Go ahead, burn me at the stake. Hier stehe ich. I kann nicht anders. Gott helfe mir.

The newly revised Penal Code in Canon Law does outlaw any such activity. However, the very Holy See are the ones who have strongly pushed VIRTUS® and the homosexualist presenters. Remember the “abuse summit” at the Gregorian some years ago? I’m afraid that however good this all sounds, those who are the top of the heap over in the Holy See ought also to be taken out of ministry regardless of prescription. Promoters of Justice will know of whom I speak, perhaps themselves. What I could only call demonic hypocrisy, scandalizing the entire Church, would seem to undo any “prescription” (time limits) on prosecution. Yes, let’s start with the Promoters of Justice, shall we, you know, the homosexualists, those who sollicit crimes under the guise of ladder-climbing and political correctness?

P.S. I note that the effective date of the new penal code isn’t until the end of 2021. That has lots of implications. But one implication is this: good Canon Lawyers can use this time to put cases together to smack down criminals on day one.


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3 responses to “Church Penal Code Canon Law Book VI revision declared as deck chairs rearranged

  1. Catherine

    A couple of years ago, my husband got on the phone to city hall in our town and demanded that the rainbow flag be taken down immediately. He was able to speak with the woman mayor directly. At first, she didn’t see anything wrong with flying this flag. Then my husband said that it is a poor example to set for the children and was sending a wrong message that encourages that lifestyle. That this type of behaviour may ultimately endanger the welfare of children and society. To this day, I haven’t seen that flag flying at city hall. Pray for the person not the sin.

    We need to screw up our courage and be brave and speak out like you do Father George. I am glad to hear that you are a champion of what is truly right in the sight of God. Good for you!


  2. Dianna

    Isn’t this the same “Holy” See who said sexual sin is the least of sins? Pornography breeds evil thoughts, carnal obsessions and viscious crime for those who act on those thoughts. In my view, sexual sins are the worst of sins. Hypocrisy on every level…having perverts in charge of justice. If it wasn’t tragic it would be laughable. God is not mocked…

  3. Joisy Goil

    Our Lady of Fatima said, “More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason. ” The Bible says that homosexuality is an abomination in the sight if God.

    Where there is confusion that is where the Holy Spirit is not. Seems like there are a lot of things that lead to confusion.

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