Supporting and praying for police?

The sign is now gone. Don’t know why. We have no police on active duty. We should be supporting and praying all the more. Right?

Those who benefit are the druggies and buffoons. Some hours ago, a couple of hundred yards away from me, a girl was attacked by some guy with a pitchfork, stabbing her. Because this is the new normal. It’s been going on for the last, say, three and half years, meaning that we rarely have police on active duty in town.

Why’s that you ask? Good question. Let’s investigate that. And then, let’s investigate that. And after that, let’s investigate that.

At this point I’m getting a bit cynical of “investigations.” Seems to me that as often as not the word investigation is thrown out to hang in the air while people say, “Oh! An investigation! So, someone’s doing something about it! Yay!” but really what happens is that there is no investigation at all, just laughter. Right?

I mean, I will be happy to be proved wrong about this. But after years of this, I’m really very, very cynical. And this one of my little ways to use a cattle prod on those who could do something to just go ahead and do it.

I’m sick of seeing little kids at drug houses. Just letting it go, live and let live, is tantamount to watching a slow murder. When a little kid is at a drug house it’s likely to mean that that kid is getting raped even multiple times a day, and made to be a drug addict, you know, a new scout, a new runner, a new distributor, a new money collector, a new… enforcer… a new… rapist… a new guy who takes a pitchfork and stabs some girl just down the street. But live and let live, right?

The good ol’ boys club at work? Dunno.

As for me and my house, we will continue to support and pray for the police.


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4 responses to “Supporting and praying for police?

  1. nancyv

    Be a vigilante? A Billy Jack? I’m in. But you know who’s gonna be harrassed and on the wrong side of the bars? You and me. But what the hay… I’d rather be on the wrong side of the bars in this life than in eternity. I am so brave speaking….Let’s pray for good police and pray for our courage do always do the right thing.
    I hope for a good police presence in the town of Andrews.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    Where are the people who woulld, “Screw their courage to the sticking point and let sllp the dogs of war” against situations such as yours? This is not “Cancel Culture.” It is Stupidity Culture, Laziness Culture, Pandering to Evil Culture. Who would put in charge a person who would disband the protection we need? Unfortunately, “we have met the enemy, and it is us.” It is time to add policing to the annual budget of the community of Andrews. I hope the girl recovers

  3. sanfelipe007

    I’ll add my prayers, too.

  4. Jura ashley

    Bless you….. we are praying!

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