Bishops promoting LGBT: pastoral sensitivity, it’s not what they think

You have heard that it was said that the bishops above made a short statement which implies that it is a good and holy action to label and proclaim and vaunt oneself publicly as LGBT, you know, without going into the chastity issue, and that at the least God is on the side of the person who is self-entitled enough to rebel against God in such manner, proud of their disorder, thus rejecting that it is a disorder. God hates the sin and the sinner in such manner as to get the sinner to no longer be a sinner. But Saint Paul writes this:

  • “Do you not know that the unjust will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes nor practicing homosexuals […] will inherit the kingdom of God. […] That is what some of you used to be; but now you have had yourselves washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.” (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

That’s from the the USCCB’s New American Bible. Lets take a closer look at some terminology.

  • πόρνοι – fornicators, the unmarried having heterosexual sex with the unmarried.
  • εἰδωλολάτραι – idolaters, which also includes making of oneself an idol.
  • μοιχοὶ – adulterers, specifically possibly married men who are running after married women.
  • μαλακοὶ – this actually refers to men wearing luxurious clothes that women themselves would not wear, in other words, a very direct translation would be “drag queens” who, in our fallen human nature, appear in every culture throughout history, men who hate themselves, who hate women, and who hate the image of God as we read in Genesis: male, female and family. μαλακοὶ can be men or boys who sell themselves for sex, in other words, male prostitutes of whatever age, including and especially minors, but there is reference both to those who are paid and who pay.
  • ἀρσενοκοῖται – men having sex with men.

Saint Paul says that those entrenching in whatever such temptation, caving to whatever such temptation, will NOT inherit the Kingdom of God.

Saint Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is aghast at those who would label themselves any of these things, as that is going to seal them in that behavior until they stop vaunting themselves as proud of being disordered. To be proud of such disorder is a sin of unchastity in and of itself, even if there is no accompanying activity. It is a revolt against God, a proclamation of Satan: Non serviam! “I will not serve.” Of course, with that attitude, anyone proud of being unchaste is about 100% probably likely to be unchaste in activity. Anyone proclaiming that this is God’s doing when such unchastity is risking being forbidden entrance to heaven, meaning that such unchastity will have one risking being carried off to hell, is blaspheming against God. Is that what the bishops are doing? They should be careful. You know what our Lord says about those who lead youngsters into sin… I mean, you remember that, right?

Moreover, anyone who pushes those into being prideful for a disorder in direct rebellion against God is assisting that person in being carried off to hell, right? Are they unaware of what Saint Paul says?

The illogicities coming from ecclesiastics are enough to bring someone suffering such temptations to despair. The suicide rate among LGBT crowd isn’t so astronomically high because people like Saint Paul take them seriously and want them to turn to the Lord and have great hope that they can and many do turn to the Lord, and so are on their way to heaven. Hope is always hopeful, and does not lead on to despair.

But those ecclesiastics who do not take the LGTB crowd seriously, who disdain them, who use them for political points – I mean, I don’t know… Is that what they are doing? – …. anyway, in not taking the LGBT crowd seriously is it not these ecclesiastics who are bringing the LGBT crowd to despair, leading them to commit suicide? Just a question.

By the way, the LGBT crowd that this is all about are youngsters, minors. So, is this “protecting” not abuse? Just a question.

Lets put this a different way. I met up with a priest the other day who would like to come up with a survey, questionnaire, interrogation if you will, of priests in active ministry. They are all trick questions, which are tricky, you know, if you have no formation, no capacity to reason with logic, with no grounding in sharp philosophy and good theology.

His first questions just slightly rephrased the tenants of the Satanic Church. He added one of his own. I aced the “survey” which he imagined would be provided by way of a computer screen. I immediately said that it’s not a survey then, but rather an interrogation, to which he laughed repeatedly. His own question was this:

  • “Is it possible to be gay and chaste?”

I can only imagine that even very many good priests would not be able to reason this through, and would immediately say “Yes”, rejoicing that someone is carrying their cross and living chastely with the grace of Christ Jesus over against untoward temptations as everyone is expected to do, you know, the old “good for the them and they will have a high place in heaven,” attitude. And this priest did admit this was a baiting question so as to better prepare an education for the presbyterate about the way things actually are, an instruction which would immediately be well received by good priests who just did not know how to make the distinctions they actually needed to make so as to be consonant with the teaching of the Scriptures and the Church.

Here’s the deal: To label oneself as gay even if not publicly is a sin against chastity, even though chastity is used as a rationalization by the otherwise pious priest that his being gay is not that which disqualifies him from active ministry, from being the Father of the Parish Family, and married to the Immaculate Bride of Christ by way of Jesus’ own wedding vows during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that the priest recites in the first-person-singular: “This is my body given you, my blood poured out for you.

Labeling oneself is by definition an entitlement excusing one’s disorder as no longer being a disorder, as being – quite ironically – so very unimportant that one will not let go of that label no matter what, come highwater or even hell.

One cannot get to Saint Paul’s admonition that “some of you were this way” without letting go of the labeling and self-entrenchment, and despair. One must actually allow oneself to be bathed by the Blood of the Lamb. That necessitates repentance from unchastity including the unchastity of labeling oneself. Again, proclaiming gayness is unchaste, sinful, and it is a scandal, which is a most grievous sin. One cannot be gay and chaste. Get it?

It is only the fully Catholic believing pastors who love those caught up in homosexuality so much as to bring them out of it, to bring them to Christ Jesus.

As for that list of 14 cardinals and bishops above. That’s not all of them. I think of Chicago, where Father Paul Kalchik is still being persecuted for taking LGBT individuals seriously, wanting their eternal salvation. That was not appreciated by the powers that be, who are not included in the list of the 14.

There are many bishops who are persecuting many good priests. The list of persecuted priests is growing. But that’s also a matter of hope. That means the number of priests who speak up for the salvation of souls is growing. Thanks be to God.

The more good priests speak up, the more good vocations to the priesthood we will see coming forward. We rejoice that here in Charlotte Diocese we are actually building a seminary – and it’s up and running for pre-theology – and we rejoice that our seminarians are believers, as are the faculty and administrators and formators. Thanks be to God.


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6 responses to “Bishops promoting LGBT: pastoral sensitivity, it’s not what they think

  1. sanfelipe007

    Amen! Thanks be to God.

  2. Aussie Mum

    Your diocese’s coming seminary is very good news, Father. Congratulations to all involved.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    The diocese of Charlotte is truly blessed in its shepherd. It is an honor to live here.

  4. Anne Maliborski

    It hurts to see Bishop Dolan on there.

  5. Isn’t this classic “grooming”, except on an unprecedented global scale?

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