Just another homily Thursday

Ooops. That went a little long for a weekday Mass! I got carried away preaching about Jesus’ good mom.


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3 responses to “Just another homily Thursday

  1. sanfelipe007

    Was it Peter that preached for so long that someone, perched on a rafter, nodded off and fell to his death right there in front of all, only to be resurrected?

  2. sanfelipe007

    Thanks be to God for this homily. The Gospel reading, and all the scripture that you reference, occupies a prominent place in my daily thoughts. I strive to atone for my sins against my brother until I have “paid the last penny.”

    Indeed, the Holy Spirit had prepared my brother to accept my apology and to accept my offer. So I look for, and welcome every opportunity to atone for my cry of “rakka!” At first, out of fear of hell, but now out of love for my brother, and the Lord.

    I have also urged my many siblings to do likewise, that we may all make it to heaven. What will I say if, like Cain, I am asked “where is your brother?” This is truly terrifying to me.
    Would that we all were carried away [to heaven] by the Gospel.

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