Update: Summary of everything wrong with the Catholic Church in the USA

The update is the lifesite video above. What a hellish nightmare…. The rest is from two years ago. I sure did get it right.


I got this as an afterthought, that is, I suppose, as a joke. Someone put me on the mailing list of the AUSCP. It’s already too late for the “Register by March 31” discount. Hahaha.

I guess someone wanted me to see this and put it up on the blog as an example of all that is wrong with the Catholic Church in these USA.

  • I admit: “prayer” is mentioned. I bet that’s in the style of Los Angeles REC.
  • I admit: there is an icon pictured, but I have to wonder if that’s token bait.

Let’s review:

  • AUSCP wrongly says that it speaks for me, a Catholic priest. How arrogant of them.
  • AUSCP wrongly says that it co-promotes with Pope Francis the implementation of the vision and values of Vatican II. But that’s another rant.

What especially caught my eye and what about makes me want to vomit is the insistence of being embraced with “America’s most inclusive place for U.S. priests.” That’s not true. What about Cardinal Burke. And what kind of ultra-nationalist agenda is that, anyway? What about being inclusive of other priests from around the world, you know, like Bishop Athanasius Schneider, like Cardinal Sarah?

But you know what “most inclusive” means, don’t you? Sigh.

Let’s review again:

  • I don’t want their respect. I expect them to be aggravated with me, because I’m actually a Catholic and a priest and a believer, all three at the same time. The life of a Catholic priest is not about receiving condescension. It’s to be all about Jesus. He’s the One. He’s the Only One. No one has spoken about Jesus since what? 1962?
  • I don’t want their support. What does that even mean? A kind of accompaniment? The life of a Catholic priest is not about being served. It’s about being one with Jesus who came to lay down His life as a ransom for many. It’s about Jesus. He’s the One. He’s the Only One. And since Cupich is going to be there, I ask this: Are the thugs threatening Father Kalchik going to be there? Is Father Kalchik invited?
  • I don’t want their comfort. What is that? One better not ask. The life of a Catholic priest is to fulfill the saying of Jesus crucified: “As the Master, so the disciple.”
  • I don’t want their nourishment, the massive banquets that scream it’s all about me! Jesus said, “I thirst.” I would rather eat out of a much more familiar dumpster that eat at those sumptuous banquets.

Where are the followers of Jesus?

Where are the martyrs?


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4 responses to “Update: Summary of everything wrong with the Catholic Church in the USA

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Bravo, Father!!

  2. pelerin

    Oh dear. I see from the Lepanto Institute website that ‘the AUSCP is actively working to complete the paganization of the Catholic Church by establishing Catholic parishes run by ‘ordained’ deaconesses.’

    There is also an ‘Association of Catholic Priests’ in Ireland who according to ‘The Irish Sun’ in May last year ‘spoke out against the pulpit being used at Mass by pro-life campaigners. Their leadership says the practice is both inappropriate and insensitive and could even be an abuse of the Eucharist.’ Where was the Catholic leadership there prior to the Irish Abortion Bill being voted on?

    It is so sad that these organisations seem to be flourishing. I attended a meeting of a so-called Catholic organisation a year or two ago. (I went ‘undercover’ out of curiosity!) It seemed to be all in favour of Women Priests and all the attendees were without exception of a certain age. When it came to filling in a form as to whether I would be likely to attend again I wrote a very large NO and promptly left! What I had heard about the organisation sadly turned out to be true.

  3. 125gardener

    Ignoring the Lord’s Ten Commandments and reading Scripture out of context have wreaked havoc with generations, in that the needed framework disappeared.

  4. elizdelphi

    God bless Fr Kalchik. I hope he is all right.
    I am so concerned with our diocese awaiting a bishop and Cupich being one of the ones who is so influential in choosing. We dearly want someone who is holy, teaches the Faith well, and is in good continuity with Bishop Morlino.

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