Update: Meanwhile… To my “Shadow”

On the one hand…

Thanks for what you said. Accepted. Thanks for best wishes and the medical advice. Thanks for the multiple phone numbers.

On the other hand, and complementary of that…

We need to have a rather serious extended sit-down in coming months. I want to see you in heaven.

Update: BTW, my “Shadow”, “a rather serious extended sit-down in coming months” doesn’t refer to any time in the immediate future, and certainly doesn’t mean that the location will be at the parish or at the rectory. At this point, that would be terribly imprudent for you, particularly if you brought some associates. Let’s just keep this moving in a positive direction. I think we would both like that, right?


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2 responses to “Update: Meanwhile… To my “Shadow”

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    So happy to see this exchange, Father. I pray that it means you are onthe mend. Deo gratias

  2. nancy v

    I hope your are able to have that very serious discussion. What wonderous love is this?!

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