Fr Altman thrown away like garbage


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9 responses to “Fr Altman thrown away like garbage

  1. I had to look him up. He’s the priest that posted a video saying if you vote Democrat you can’t be Catholic. How long did it take to remove this divisive priest after making that disturbing statement, and how long did it take to remove Theodore McCarrick for expressing his views?

    • Madgalene

      Divisive? Yes, like Christ who was also divisive. Demoncrats approve of the murder of the unborn and also various perversions and those things are not of Christ. Anyone speaking the truth these days are being cancelled on such specious reasons as being ‘divisive’. Yeah, follow the current demoncratic agenda and see where it will get you.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    These “bishops” follow the dictates of the lord of the world below, not the dictates of the Lord who redeemed them. There will be a day of reckoning. It will be very unpleasant. God bless and keep Father Altman. Pray for the souls of these evil men that they may come to see what they are doing and repent.

  3. Liz

    Oh no! God have mercy! Prayers for Fr. Altman.

  4. Catherine

    Father Altman speaks the truth….it seems to me, if my memory serves me well, that the Democratic Party removed God and swore their allegiance to Satan a number of years ago. It was a scandal at the time and I don’t know how anyone doesn’t remember that. So Father speaks truth and therefore is being persecuted by his own “church family”…another scandal. Yes, prayers for Father Altman and all the priesthood.

    Praying for your recovery Father George. God bless you!


  5. Dianna

    Fr. Altman is a true man of God. He is being villified for speaking the truth. God has plans for him beyond the corrupt bishops and archbishops grasp. We need more priests like him and you Fr. George. More to stand and educate the flock. Far too many priests and pastors preach “fluff”, weak and fearful. I pray daily for the Fr. Altmans and you Fr George. Lights shining in the darkness. God bless the truth bearers! So wish there was a priest like that here…but San Antonio is “woke”. Our clergy is stagnant, progressive, and very left leaning. I refuse to be stiffled. I refuse to be vaccinated and I stand with Fr Altman!

    • Father George David Byers

      Blessings upon you Diana and so many who pray and stand in solidarity with us priests.

  6. Anne Maliborski

    Un- -be- -lievable! More prayers to Our Mother……

  7. For a while now, I keep getting to pray that the bishops, cardinals and the pope return in their hearts and souls to their very first love of Jesus, when they first knew His Light in their souls, when they first fell in love with Him, when ever that was. I don’t know whether that prayer will make a difference in any of their lives, but you never know.

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