Update: Pachamama Demon Monstrance and subsequent burning of Pachamama

I’d like to go down to see jerky-boy priest, blasphemer and committer of sacrilege, who was filling-in for the pastor of this parish just west of Guadalajara, Mexico, and explain to his face just what a sacrilege and blasphemy it is to place the Most Blessed Sacrament, our Eucharistic King, into the demon-idol Pachamama as if that demon-idol were a monstrance. But I still have pneumonia.

But hey! I invite him to come up here so that I can sufficiently instruct him. Here’s a update-video explaining just who this is who did this and, diversely, what the actual pastor – who was away – thinks about him and what he did. Hint, the pastor’s zeal is quite inspiring. I’m sure he took care of the instruction part:

There are good priests everywhere. We need to recognize that and support them also over against weak and effeminate (arch)bishops.


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3 responses to “Update: Pachamama Demon Monstrance and subsequent burning of Pachamama

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    God bless and keep faithful priests.

  2. Using that idol as a monstrance is a typical deception/half truth used by propagandists. One one hand they know it will be offensive to many, on the other hand they can argue being misunderstood while advancing their cause.http://factmyth.com/types-of-propaganda-propaganda-techniques-and-propaganda-stratigies/

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