Fr Altman’s last statement


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7 responses to “Fr Altman’s last statement

  1. Tom Schott

    May God continue to bless Fr Altman….as he abundantly has already.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Always praying with and for our Faithful Shepherds, and for the conversion of the wolves.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Dante Aligheiri had a special place for similar bishops of his age. That place still exists. Don’t bishops such a Father Altman’s realize that first comes death and then the judgement? Remeber that Senior Aligheri placed selfish, uncaring bishops early on in La Civina Commedia. There present location is exceedingly unpleasant and has a hideous odor. God bless and keep Father Altman. God grant the wolf-bishops the grace to repent.

  4. jane a brown

    my heart is heavy as i read the above and i will continue to keep fr altman and all priests in my prayers….for strength for the true shepherds and conversion for those who are leading the faithful away from our Lords truth….shame on them….our lady warned of this to fr gobbi so may our true shepherds stay close to her and help usher in the triumph as she crushes satans head

  5. Stephen.Round

    I concur most assuredly with Fr.Altman.Its now time for canon lawyers to step up in his defence

  6. Dianna

    Sit back armchair Catholics, go to Mass because ” you have to”, sit in silence looking at your watch and daydream. Listen to the white noise priest and go home. Take your vaccine like “good people”. Wrong…we must speak up, question sugar-coating sins and villifying truth.
    I have made it my mission to tell every family member the horror of the vaccine, the story of Fr. Altman, Fr. Parker and other priests in the cross hairs of a witch hunt. I have contributed financially to help, spoken out and I am not ashamed. I am heart broken over the unjust treatment of such a man of God as Fr.Altman. He is just and Godly…don’t sit by, speak up. Do not be ashamed of following Christ’s teachings. Pray without ceasing and do something! God is not mocked…be responsible for your soul…I pray God will bless Fr. Altman and lead him to a bigger role yet to come.

  7. God bless Father Altman and all of the other canceled persecuted priests! That so many good priests are being thrown out while the Church is in such dire need of them is horrendous.

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